Zombies in New York, Chapter 1b

The stairwell on the first floor had two doors: one leading directly to the ER, the other to the employee parking lot.
“My name is Elizabeth, by the way,” the woman I’d named Sunny said. “But call me Liz.” She paused and looked up to make sure we were in a spot the cameras couldn’t see.
“So, who are ‘they’?”
She looked blank for a moment, so I added, “You said David was dead or one of them.”
She looked a bit relieved, which was odd, and said, “The monsters, the creatures, you know, ‘them’.” She did a quick glance around. “Look, we don’t have much time, and there’s a lot of echo here, so we need to talk quickly. You already know not to get bitten. But this is going to spread quickly, so I need to know: do you want to live thru this? Not just survive, but live.” She emphasized the last word.
“Of course I do!” I exclaimed.
“We don’t have time to explain this now, Jill,” she said fiercely. “I’m about to open that door-” she pointed towards the parking lot. “And if one of them is there I’m going to shoot him between the eyes. It’s the only way to really kill them. Then I’m going to get my dad, and hole up with some of our friends. I’m offering you a chance to live, but it’s not going to be easy or pretty for a while.” As she spoke, I absent-mindedly rubbed my belly.
“Why me, Liz? Why not a coworker or a boyfriend?”
“Everyone I care about has been given directions to where we’re going. But when I saw you, and I saw how you treated that ass who got bit-”
“David,” I interrupted. “My son’s dad.”
“I figured as much,” Liz said, tucking a stray piece of blond hair behind her ear. “I read your chart: no family left, a co-worker as an emergency contact,”
“Hey,” I poked a finger into her chest. “How do you know she’s not a friend I work with?”
Liz moved my hand effortlessly. “Do you think this is a joke? You’ve seen what they do. They don’t tire or feel pain. If you think he’s so good for you-” But Liz never finished her sentence as the door to the ER started rattling, as if dozens of people were pushing on the door to get out. She grabbed my left wrist and pulled.me away – hard.


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