Woody Allen: Pedophile?

I would just like to state that I do not know, nor have I personally met, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Soon-Yi, Dylan, etc.

If you keep up with entertainment news, you’re probably aware that Dylan Farrow (apparently not her legal name anymore) wrote a piece, published in the New York Times, repeating allegations that Woody Allen had sexually molested her when she was a child.

If it happened, I applaud Dylan’s strength and bravery in coming forward. I am happy that her mother, Mia Farrow, believed Dylan and not her lover of twelve years, Dylan’s father, Woody Allen.
If, as Mr. Allen claims in his “rebuttal”, also published in the Times, it never happened and is nothing more than a manipulation of a child, then shame on Ms. Farrow.
The fact that Mr. Allen immediately took up with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter (a girl just out of her teens), puts Mr. Allen in a bad light. Ms. Farrow herself says Mr. Allen was never a father to Soon-Yi. The fact remains that just as one does not date a friend’s ex, someone who is involved with someone else, one also does not date (marry, have children with) the adopted daughter of their recent ex (after a twelve year relationship).

I am not trying to make excuses for Mr. Allen’s behavior. But I noticed how truly surprised he seemed at the negative backlash following his publicly admitting to his relationship with Soon-Yi.
He has the same reaction now with Dylan reiterating her claims of sexual abuse. Except this time, he reminded me of someone I know. Someone who, like Mr. Allen, seems befuddled by the fact that people think what he’s done is wrong: my son’s father.

(For legal reasons, I will refer to my son as “N”. His dad is “J”.
The pedophile girlfriend will be “S”.And J’s current teenage gf is “E”.)
I am not excusing Mr. Allen for his actions, for I do believe Dylan. Why come forward now if it wasn’t true? She has nothing to gain, except a lot more therapy. He has nothing to lose, since it isn’t the first time these allegations have come up.

To explain what I mean when I say, “I’m not making excuses for…”: some pedophiles truly do NOT know that what they’re doing is wrong, disgusting, sickening, etc.
When my son was an infant, I would leave him with his dad, J, for about 15-30 minutes while I did errands. Every single time, I would come back, J would have our son’s diaper open, and be staring at N’s penis. Every. Single. Time.
I asked J if N had a rash. If there was something I should take N to the doctor for. J once made a comment that N’s circumcision, “wasn’t perfect”, but that was it.
I told my therapist how I was confused since J wasn’t doing anything sexual, just looking.
My therapist suggested I set J up: change N’s diaper, make a big deal about how N wouldn’t need another diaper change for over an hour, etc. Then I leave, wait a few minutes, and silently return to find… Well, I returned, silently, five minutes later, to find J with his face a few scant inches from my son’s open, dry, diaper– and my son’s penis. J was genuinely surprised that I, and my therapist, thought there was something wrong with what J was doing.

Fast forward a few years. J is living with S. They got together when S was 19; J, 34. I told my son it would be like having an older sister.
Then came the Monday night after a weekend with J & S.
N was getting ready for his shower, letting the water heat up, when he came into my room. His towel was wrapped around his waist, which was odd since, even tho he was 7, N was NOT shy around me.
N sat with his side to me and asked me if it was “ok” for “someone” to take “naked pictures” of him, possibly for Facebook.
Taking a deep breath, I told him that FB wouldn’t allow naked pictures of a 7 year old. He then told me that while he had been getting ready for a shower at A’s apt, she had wanted to take naked pictures of him. He didn’t want to, and covered his penis with his hands. His dad, J, began taunting N. Then J took off his clothes. S, age 20, took pictures of N, age 7, and his dad, J, age 35. N was told the pictures would be posted on FB if N “did not behave.”
At the time, we lived in N.Y. while J &S lived in N.J., so there were two cases, one in each state.
J was shocked, as was S. They saw nothing wrong with what they did, despite N crying, trying to cover himself, and N saying he didn’t want to do it.
The case was found to be true in N.Y.; but not in N.J. because J&S claimed to have deleted the pictures.
I think it’s the same with Mr Allen. He has gotten away with so much, how could it be wrong?
As for J, he will be 37 this year and is currently dating E, who is 18.
J, by choice, rarely has anything to do with N. But his shock at possible persecution makes think Mr. Allen doesn’t feel he has done wrong since he hasn’t been persecuted himself.

As stated above, I do not know these people personally. I was not present when the molestation did or did not happen. The comments regarding the Allen’s and Farrow’s are my own, based upon what I have read in newspapers and magazines.


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