Wiccan Spell for a Broken Heart

For those of you who are Wiccan, feel free to skip this part.
     The basic form of the Wiccan Rede is:

          An’ It Harm None,
          Do What Ye Will

In other words, as long as you are not harming anyone (physically, emotionally, etc)- and hopefully not yourself- then you are allowed to worship as you see fit… As long as you remember the Rule Of Three.
     The Rule Of Three is pretty self-explanatory. Whatever you do comes back to you three times. If you do good (for selfless reasons, not because you want good to happen), it will come back threefold. Do bad, and it will cone back three times.
     This is not to say that if you give a homeless person a dollar, you will receive three dollars the next day. It is more if a psychic, karmic response. It is more figurative than literal.
     What does this have to do with a love spell? Everything. You may have a huge crush on X, even be “in love” with X. But X isn’t showing you the same feelings. Maybe X is with someone else. For whatever reason, X, the love of your life isn’t showing interest. So why not do a love spell on X?
     Because of the Wiccan Rede. Maybe X is your soulmate. But to do a spell to make X fall for you is taking the choice away from X. If you were meant to be with X, you wouldn’t need a spell directed at X. You could do a spell asking the Goddess for your True Love, and X would answer the call.

The following spell is to help you get over a broken heart, as well as lead you to your true love. (It is also a tasty meal!)

As this spell is a request of the Goddess, I like to light some incense and use the stick to light a candle before i blow out the flame from the incense. (Keep in mind that it is a good idea to honor the Goddess and give thanks as opposed to making constant requests!)
     As I light the candle, I say:

          I light this candle for the
          In hope She hears my plea.
          I will remember the Rule of
          So mote it be.

*The Broken Heart Cure*
[Intended for a friend with a broken heart, but can be used for yourself, as well.]

» You will need: fresh mint leaves; eggs; cream; salt; pepper; butter.

» Melt butter in a frying pan over medium heat.

» As you chop the mint leaves, repeat these words:

          Broken hearts take a toll
          Mint shall heal the shattered
          The Goddess breathes new life
               in you
          Go forth and find a love that’s

» Whisk eggs in a bowl.

» Add chopped mint, cream, salt and pepper.

» Add eggs to pan. Cook until done.

» Garnish with mint sprigs.

»» Serves one broken heart and one friendly one.

Hope this helps!
Blessed Be!

(taken from Bloody Valentine, by Melissa de la Cruz, p.16)


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