What My Ex Texted To Me…

I asked my son’s dad if we could move to Miami. I even texted his pedophile 20year old girlfriend, since her family lives near there.
Now i was aware his family didn’t like him, but apparently hers doesn’t want her near the state of Florida, as this is the humorous (ok, hysterically funny) text i received from my sons dad.
(Keep in mind he knows I’m engaged. Also keep in mind my son’s dad has beat my son since my son was four months old, strapped in his stroller. And that my son has seen his dad rape me, break my back, and strangle me to unconsciousness.)
Here’s my son’s dads reply:

(1/5) What makes you think i want you. That i would want you. That i am not happier now. You have no hopes no dreams no future. There is nothing that you have i

(2/5)  could want from you. Just that cold lonely heart that needs to lash out at anyone near by. That needs to make sure that i can’t be happy without you. So

(3/5) you drag my girlfriend into this. Tell her anything to try and hurt her. You are a scaired sorry thing. Someone like you could never have anything for me.

(4/5)  But go on telling her that i beg you to move back in or that i am sleeping with her friends. It doesn’t hurt us. It just shows the truth. You don’t want

(5/5) to see me with anyone…. Why… I can’t imagen.

My responses:

Umm nobody said u wanted me. U just brought it up. I’m getting married in a couple of months.

What in g-ds name are u blithering about now?

Btw, “scaired”? It’s scared.
Let me read ur text then i can really laugh at u…

And, Folks, this is my life lol well, not anymore…


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