Update (27 September 2011)

* ShyBoy was kissed. And now lives upstate. Thus proving why one cannot tell the future: there are too many futures! We have free will. I still say sex with me could be amazing but not an option. Oh well.
* beloved isn’t talking to me.
And I’d really like my $300 6inch platform heel thigh high boots back from beloved.
* baby daddy won me a bet: he answered a sext in less than half an hour. But twice this week ignored texts about his son. Typical. ___
*I’m writing this on my phone so I don’t know when it’ll freeze up
* I love my son so much. He’ll be seven in November. He’s in second grade. He has his dad’s temper and it scares him. And me. I don’t want my son to be a third generation cheat, going from girl to girl be because once they see beyond the facade they want out. My son’s dad, aka Bad Dad or BD, can’t make a relationship last more than a year or two. He gets sexually bored after a few months. But now his family isn’t talking to him. So BD has nowhere to go. He can’t ask his older sister, the best person in his family, married with three kids. BD can’t ask his mom who is living with BD’s younger sister, her husband, their autistic toddler&sometimes the husband’s kid from a previous relationship. So where is BD to go? Not with us.
So BD has to figure out whether his 20year gold’s 23year old sister or the 20year gold’s best friend (who spells her name with an “I”) would be the way to go. Because, even with low self-esteem, the 20year old is going to say, “we don’t have sex. I work and you aren’t even looking for a job. Why should I continue this relationship?”
Of course she’ll wait until after her 21st birthday in less than two weeks. Then she’ll start in wit the,  “why aren’t you even TRYING to get a job?” Etc. And he’ll have to take it because he has nowhere to go.
* I’ve decided to be more honest on this blog. I won’t make up things for the sake of better or more interesting reading.  But I will post my fiction. I’ll let you know which is which.


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