Timeless, books 1&2

By Alexandra Monir
Timeless (Timeless book 1)
Timekeep (Timeless book 2)

These books center around Michele (one “l”) Windsor, a junior in high school whose life is turned upside down when her mother is killed in a car accident. To her surprise, Michele is sent from California to New York to live with her mother’s estranged parerents- due to her mothers will naming them her guardians. But going from living with her single mom where she had to work after school to help make ends meet to living in a huge mansion on NYC’s fifth avenue isn’t the strangest thing in Micheles new life- she finds a key her absent father had left for her mother when he disappeared, and the key gives her the ability to travel through time.
Suddenly, she is travelling back a hundred years to meet various family members and learn life lessons. She also falls in love with Phillip Walker, and he with her, despite their 100+ year age difference. He promises to get to her in her time and Book 1 ends with Phillip Walker entering her school.
Book 2 takes a mire sinister turn. A distant relative, Rebecca Windsor, who blames Micheles father for her misery, is determined to end Micheles life. On top of that, Phillip seems to have no memory of Michele!
By far the most confusing aspect of Book 2 is how Aaron in Book 1 has become Matt in Book 2. Did the author forget his name? Did the editor not read Book 1?
Overall, an easy read if you don’t mind some major discrepancies between the two book.

***/***** [3/5 stars]


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