It’s Been A While, Eh?: Journal Wed/Thurs 2/3 March 2016

Wednesday (with some Thursday edits):
My plan with these “journal entries” was two-fold:
— keep with the Free Write element, making the train of thought a bit more personal, as in some other wonderful blogs that I will no doubt share (I’m waiting for permission on an especially good one and still hoping to ask a writer at The Write Practice a few questions)
— get rid of the numerous drafts that are taking up room by incorporating them into the journal posts.

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A Quick Guide To British Currency

If, like me, you enjoy British writers, tv shows, movies, etc, you’ll eventually come across monetary terms. We’ve all heard of Pounds, Shillings, and other terms like, “ha’ penny”, but what do they mean?
This isn’t a modern day guide to how many dollars to the pound, or vice-versa, but it should clear up some confusion.
I hope.

Blessed Be,
D.K. Stevens