Simple Vegetarian / Vegan Lunch

I have been an ovo-lacto (ovo = eggs; lacto = dairy) vegetarian since August 1989. I spent the first half at camp as a vegetarian; came home and ate ribs at Tony Roma’s which, at the time, was on 6th ave between 9th and 10th st, on the 23rd, until they claimed they were “out” of ribs (I had swollen glands from Mono, and knew this would be my last time eating meat, so argued that it was, “All You Can Eat”. They suggested I not become a vegetarian.); and have (knowingly) had meat only one time since then, in the late ’90’s. (I bought a Deluxe frozen pizza. To me, “deluxe” meant mushroons, olives, peppers, etc. To the people making the pizza, it meant including pepperoni and sausage.) Oh, and there was the time my grandparents took me out to dinner for my 16th birthday to an expensive restaurant across from Central Park. I told them that I was a vegetarian; the waitress checked (or said she did) with the chef and promised the appetizer — something with orzo, a cross between rice and pasta — was vegetarian. One bite and I ran to the bathroom saying, “Beef stock” before throwing up repeatedly. When I got back to the table the waitress was, “Oh, gee, the chef said he cooked it with a shank bone but he took it out.” It was the one time that I was glad my grandfather tipped 15% of the main courses only.
I’m not one of those, “I don’t eat meat so therefore you can’t”- types. If you like it, go ahead and put in real sausages. I just can’t eat meat because my love of animals has become a neurotic, “That’s flesh! Oh my G-d, how do people know they’re not eating human flesh? Ugh, flesh…” (I have a thing about. “flesh”.).

But this recipe is really just a quick sandwich. You can use meat sausages, whatever you choose. 

You will need:

Morningstar Farms Sausage Links (or regular sausage links. My son loves McDonald’s sausage patties and swears the Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties taste the same.). Morningstar Farms is also low-fat, high protein.

a roll / bun / hero / 2 slices of bread / something to make a sandwhich

cheese, preferably grated (I like Mozerella or a Mozerella blend but choose what you like. Vegan cheese, as long as it melts, works well, too.)

— {optional} tomato sauce (might add a minute or two. Add it when you add the last of the cheese and the half-cooked sausages.)

How to:

1. Microwave sausage links halfway (about a minute for vegan; check the package for meat. I know that meat needs to be a certain temperature to kill off bacteria and other things.).

2. Cut roll in half, cover with cheese (and tomato sauce if using sauce).

3. Place sausage links on roll, add remaining cheese.

4. Microwave until cheese is melted.

5. Serve with drink, such as Bolthouse Farms.

6. Enjoy!

Total time: about 5 minutes for vegan / vegetarian; probably 10 for real meat.