Sick sick sick

I hate being sick. No I mean I really hate being sick. I’m a total baby about it, too. I want to be taken care of just as I take care of others when they’re sick…of course nobody does. But that could have something to do with my frequent patients: 3 felines and an almost 7year old boy (I know. That means he could be a toddler to my dad’s age)

In other news my card of the day is the Knight of Wands. Not bad. It’s a rather good card, really, showing self-confidence. My thoughts are going out to a fb friend who had her #1 deck stolen by someone thinking he was getting her green wallet. Like most of us, she has other decks but still… there’s always that special one that we always reach for when asked for a tarot reading.

Blessed Be
Don’t get sick cuz I can’t take care of you 🙂


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