My Feet and Me, part 2

“So, I hear you think I’m the only one telling the truth,” I said, as I slowly walked towards the couch he was sitting on, still fully dressed.
He blushed and looked down. At my feet. I stopped, halfway from the door to the couch, one leg crossed over the other, the front leg pointed in a way that would’ve made my ballet teacher proud. Most girls wore three inch heels. Mine were four inches. I dropped the boots with a thud. I placed the bag of hose on the ledge in front of a large mirror.
“Yeah, well,” he said, “those other girls seemed so fake. But you…you actually lit up when I said I liked feet-”
“You like my feet?” I interrupted. He slid off the couch, onto his knees. I slowly walked over, crossing one leg in front of the other, and sat on the couch. I crossed my legs so my foot was almost in his face. “Do. You. Like. My. Feet?”
His face was inches from my left foot. He inhaled, sighed, and said, “Yes.” He shuddered.
I suddenly remembered my boss’ instructions. I reached behind the couch and grabbed a towel. I placed it over my left foot, near his face, and told him to strip for me. It wasn’t “my way”, but, I didn’t own the place.
He took off his clothes, putting them in a neat pile. He put the towel under him. “And this…”  I purred, pulling a condom from my bra. I was surprised he was so excited, so hard. If he’d been a boyfriend, I would’ve thought he was  close and slowed down. But I hadn’t even started.
“Do you like what you see?” I asked. He was on all fours on the towel; naked except for a condom.
“Yes, Mistress,” he breathed. “May I smell your foot, Mistress?”
I smiled. I was actually enjoying myself. My boss had said to say we were to day we were into anything the client wanted, but I couldn’t do it. Which was why this was my first real session.
My left leg was still crossed over my right, and I let the heel of my left shoe dangle off my foot. He groaned, but didn’t move.
“Lean foteard,” I told him. “Smell the inside of my shoe.” I said it as the command it was, but didn’t add the bitchy tone my boss said we should. I wanted him to smell my shoe. I wanted his face in the space between my foot and my shoe.
He buried his face in that space. “Oh, Mistress, may I kiss your.foot?” He asked.
“Take off my shoe,” I said. He put it down as if it were gold and not the $50 black heel it was. I saw him take a quick sniff, but decided not to call him on it.
He put one hand on my toes, and one hand on my heel, and gently, oh so gently, brought my left foot to his face. He sniffed at the heel, moved to a deep sniff from the high arch, and then sniffed my toes. His cock seemed to moved with each sniff, a quick jump. He looked like he was going to explode, but he didn’t take his hands off my feet.
“Take another sniff,” I ordered, while he was up by my toes. “Move down to the heel,”  and he did so, gently, as if my foot were made of crystal. “Now, kiss my heel. Gently.”
He didn’t even glance at my face as he kissed my heel, ever so lightly. It felt so nice. “Kiss it again,” I told him. I thought of something my boss had said, and told him, “Worship my heel,” and, with the shoe hanging off my foot, wearing black thi-hi’s, he kissed the heel of my left foot. He kissed it again as if I were a good-night date who would pull away if he went too far. His kisses were so good, I ordered him to kiss the arch of my left foot, and he breathed, “Anything to please you, Mistress.”
He kissed along the edge of my heel, and worked.his way to the arch. It was amazing  with him holding my foot and breathing kisses along the heel and arch…
I had to remember he’d only paid for half an hour.
As he kissed my arch, I said, “Your tongue. Use your tongue.” His tongue began to lick every part of my heel and arch. I wished for the stupid thigh-hi’s to be gone when i heard the knock on the door.
We both jump.
“What was that?” he asked.
“Five minute warning,” I tell him.
Gently, he lets go of my foot and goes for his jeans.
“No,” I say, “You’ve got five.minutes left, but I can add a few minutes.” I add, so he knows I’m enjoying myself, too.
“No, Mistress,” he says, “I’d like another hour! That id, if you aren’t busy…”
An hour and a half? Doing something I enjoy? Hells, yeah!
I put on my shoe, pick up the cash from the shelf (Hand-to-hand can be prostitution. If I take it from a shelf or table, it’s not.). “I’ll check my schedule. Wait on all fours,” I order, leaving the room, knowing I’ve got no “requests”, and could continue my current session.
I hand over the money and return to the room ASAP.
I sit on the couch, tell him to remove my shoe and continue from where we were. I can’t help but notice his cock has gone from soft to hard in two seconds flat. I smile as he brings my foot to his mouth and, using.his tongue, lightly licks the high arch of my left foot.
He begins to nibble, and I purr, “Good, yes, good,” since my boss said to keep talking, I tried, but he had begun to suck on my heel– being held with his right hand– and doing a light tickle with his left hand as he moved under my toes.
I was suddenly very, very uncomfortable– sucking my heel, light tickling under my toes– my goodness, I was getting turned on! A client, client, was turning me on! What was going on?
“Mistress, this thi-hi is in my way,” he said in a pleading tone. Embarrassingly, I pulled off the thi-hi and stuck my toes in his mouth, while placing my heel in his hand.
I had always loved different sensations on my feet, but this was amszing! And this was a client!
I sat up straight thinking, “client, client”.
I uncrossed my legs and managed to say, “What about the right foot?”
I must have sounded like a bitch because he said, “Of course, Mistress, I’m so sorry, please forgive me,” and he lowered my left foot before picking up my right.
He began holding my shoe as he kissed down my calf.
“Yrd, now smell my foot,” I told him.
We repeated the same way: smelling my right shoe, removing the shoe, kissing from the heel to the toes, removing the thi-hi, gentle tickling, licking, nibbling…
It was amazing, and when the ten minute knock came (5 for 30 min; 10 for 30 min), we were both surprised.
I quickly sat up on the couch and told him to lie on his back. He had been hard the whole time, and I had to mentally prepare myself.
Toes seemed to be his thing, so I told him to jerk off as he sucked my toes. As I was on the couch, I dipped my toes in and out of his mouth. After the two minute knock, I made him hurry and cum for me, teasing him with my toes until he finished.
After he’d cleaned up with the unscented wipes I’d provided, he asked if I’d be there the.following Wednesday.
I said I would.

(see parts 1 & 3)


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