Katie MacAlister

Books I’ve read by Katie MacAlister, a Seattle writer who is a decade older than me:
* Ain’t Myth-Behaving
* Blow Me Down
* Hard Day’s Knight
* Improper English
*Just One Sip
*My Zombi Valentine
* Men In Kilts
* Steamed: A Steampunk Rimance
* The Corset Diaries

What I’ve learned:
* Katie likes men with deep voices that seem to “rumble in their chests”
* She likes.big feet (on men)
* She prefers dark hair for her men, though the eye colors change
* She likes to take an American, down on her luck, who is an “unconventional” beauty (overweight, insecure about something, etc.)
* She’s into mens nipples (btw, how can a nipple be, “impudent”?)
* She’s into uncircumcised penises (penii? Lol), and they ALWAYS have some pre-cum the female can rub around the head of his penis
There is usually a physically perfect female ex who becomes involved in some way
* The female lead is very clumsy/klutzy, and often misinterprets
* They fall in love almost instantly (24hours to two weeks), and get married
* The female always fits seamlessly into his life

Katie MacAlister is good for a quick read (each book took less than a day to read). Some situations are amusing, but the only one that made me laugh aloud was “Ain’t Myth-Behaving”.
Want a book that will stay with you? Katie MacAlister isn’t for you.
Want a quick read with some amusing moments? Try a MacAlister book.


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