So I was with Jonathan for “a year and six months” (Eminem), then he disappeared a month later. This was August of last year. I had a lot on my plate: my now nine year old son grew three inches taller; we were in court with his dad who was asking for full custody (even tho he didn’t want our son; he told me he just wanted to “hurt” me); my son had been”graduated” from his therapy center, despite an obvious need for him to be in therapy; etc.
So Johnny disappearing wasn’t at the top of my list (despite missing the awesome sex). Until his mom texted me that she didn’t know where he was and couldn’t find him.
Hmmm… it was one thing to not contact me. But Johnny was a total Mama’s Boy (which I love). So I began a search, going lower and lower amongst the people we both knew.
“I just saw him last week.”
“I saw him the other day. He does not look good.”
Those were the things I couldn’t, wouldn’t repeat to his mom.
I told he the places he’d been seen: a methadone clinic, on Fulton St.
“Help me find my son,” she texted.

Finally, he called in January. “Call your mom,” I said.
“She’s known where I’ve been the whole time,” he said.
I wanted to kill her. That Bitch had mind-fucked me, big time.

I had h come over to give me his apology in person.
His lame excuse?
He’d gone on a binge, didn’t want me to see him “like that”, got arrested, back in rehab. Deja vu, anyone?
His calls were all, “I miss you. I have feelings for you.” Blah blah.
He came over.
We ducked. (Hey, he’s a good lay, if nothing else. Safe sex. Latex all over.)
He promised he’d call on my birthday (today), but since it’s been a couple of weeks… he also said he’d be over the weekend of my birthday. Oops. I made plans.
Supposedly, another ex might cum over. That ex isn’t into oral on chicks, but he’s doing it on me if he wants it on him.
(Oh, did I mention the Young One came over and got a belated birthday blow job? It was weird not swallowing, like with Johnny, it was automatic.)
Back to Johnny. I called his rehab. He’d left or was still there. (Last phone call, he was on “the fence”) Johnny usually leaves rehab at the end– you know, the hard part.
A guy took my message. I doubt I’ll get a call, or if I do, it’ll be how he lost his visitation this weekend because of me and he was going to see me.
Again, blah, blah.
Update later.
Going to get my life, m yt? Love, my son.


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