How To Be A Good Dad / Mom (Updated)

1. EAT TOGETHER and while you’re eating, or walking down the street,


3. INTERACT WITH YOUR CHILD this means more than just

4. TALK(ING) TO YOUR CHILD, it means

5. LISTENING TO WHAT YOUR CHILD IS SAYING. Parents will often complain that their child won’t communicate with them. If this is the case,

6. LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR CHILD IS NOT SAYING. Is school, life, everything, “Fine”, but your child is getting in trouble, or you never see him/her doing homework, or there are bags under his/her eyes? People often give off physical clues as to how they are actually feeling thru body language. Crossing arms across the chest isn’t an act of defiance; it is a way of blocking others from seeing inside, of cutting oneself off from the situation. Which brings us to the most important aspect,

7. LOVE YOUR CHILD NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT THEY ARE. This one may sound like a no-brainer, but as your child gets older and begins developing a personality separate from your own, there are going to be aspects you might not like. That doesn’t mean you stop loving them. That doesn’t mean you stop “being on their team”. Loving your child, being a good parent, doesn’t mean you have to like everything about them; there are probably things about you that your child doesn’t like. But it takes a lot to really make a child not want to be around a parent. Your child is born wired to unconditionally love you; you should be able to do the same.


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