Back To School September / October

Every couple of weeks, I hope to post a Back To School blog for US, THE PARENTS.
* One week, I will introduce you to amazing, relaxing products with a special interview by the products creator.
* Another week I will give you tops and quotes from parents who got off of drugs for their kids, and stay off of drugs for their kids.
* Tips on dealing with Children’s Services.
* Pets and kids.
* Making sure your kids actually do their homework
* Kids and bullies
* Anything readers suggest.
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Datebook/ Notebook, Pocket-Sized, For Under $5

I once posted about making Duct Tape Wallets, but the pictures didn’t get posted, so I need to update it. At one point in this project you will need to make a small duct tape sheet.  I’ll try to verbally guide you through it.

Anyway, my love of stationary items and dollar stores has collided to make a small, easy to carry date book / notebook.

You Will Need:

* small date book

* small notebook, as close to the same size as the date book as you can manage

* duct tape

* scissors (for duct tape)

* markers for decorating

1. Take your date book, notebook and duct tape.

2. Wrap a piece of duct tape around you fingers, sticky side out to make a loop. This will be used to hold the two books together.

3. Use the duct tape to cover both the date book and the notebook together. Trim to fit.

4. At this point, you will need to make a small sheet of duct tape. Using 3 pieces slightly longer than you will need, place one sticky side up and place the second halfway across. Place the third piece next to the first, sticky side up, and you will have a small “sheet”. Place one half of the sticky half on the inside of the date book flap (unless your notebook is smaller, then reverse), and the other sticky half on the outside of the date book. Now you have a loop to place a pen into. Trim to fit.

5. Using your markers, write whatever you wish on the cover(s). Be sure to include an email address on the inside of both books in case you lose them.

Total cost:

Date book: $1.49

Notebook: 2/$1.49 = $0.745

Duct tape: $1/roll; less than half used = $0.50

Pen (4 color plus mechanical pencil): $1.49

Total: >$5.00

If you have any questions, please ask.

I will be updating my Duct Tape Wallet post soon.

If you have anything duct tape related that you would like instructions for, please let me know. I am working on my phone so photos don’t always post, but hopefully I will have a laptop soon.

Happy Samhain (“sow-een”), which is the Wiccan New Year.

Blessed Be,

LalitaDevi Bastet

A.k.a., D. K. Stevens

Instructables: Human Hamster Wheel and Organization Ideas

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

You sit all day at your desk, eating snack, putting on the pounds. What if there were something else? Say, a desk where you stood up? Not good enough? How about a HAMSTER WHEEL (!!!) ? Now there is and, follow the link above to learn how to do it. I’m craving pellets now…

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DIY: Catnip Cat Toy

I was in a pet store, browsing the cat toys, when I noticed something that made me laugh.
“Nicholas, ” I called to my son. “What does this look like?” I pointed at one toy.
“It looks like one of your medication bottles filled with catnip!”
We came home and I made one. The cats love it. And I only paid $2 for a bag of catnip that filled four of these “toys”.

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Easy As Pie


* 3 — 6oz cups of yogurt, any flavor


* 1 — 8oz Cool Whip


* 1 — graham cracker crust


Cool Whip should be room temperature.
Mix yogurt with Cool Whip.
Pour into pie crust.



Both Cool Whip and yogurt can be Fat-Free.
If yogurt is very tart, you can use two containers of yogurt.
You can make your own graham cracker crust, but I’m lazy, so I use pre-made.
This recipe is easy enough for young children to make (with adult supervision); I was making it by myself at 6 years old.


I’ve looked over my blog on my phone and it seems that posts with photos are not published.
Well, I’m making a new wallet today so I’ll redo that one.
Maybe if I check on my son’s laptop they’ll be there…
Unclog toilet; fully change two litter boxes; shower; then make new wallet and show pictures on new post. This wallet will have two sections for dollar bills, two sections for cards, and a section where I can insert a card holder. The card holder holds many cards. I’ve never done one like it before. Cool 😉

What I’m Working on Today, Thursday 21 Nov 2013

1. Reviewing the Reviews and Reviewing the Reviews

2. CRAFTS; Post Office crafts for Cleaning and Organizing

3. CRAFTS; That Stupid Rubber Band Fad– Basic and Box with just your fingers (feel free to send a loom!)

4. WRITING: Working in Unfamiliar Territory: The Rewrite

Coming Soon (Hopefully)

  • Duct Tape Wallets: how to make a quick and easy duct tape wallet without cheating (cheating is putting cardboard or paper in between the duct tape layers).Bad Dad Part 2 — what happens when he gets out of jail monday morning and realizes the restraining order has been modified to include our son?
  • I consider maybe, possibly, kinda-sorta exercising (or possible dieting) to lose the weight BD wanted me to have
  • Life with my son minus the negativity that is his dad
  • reviews of some older graphic novels (not too much older) and books that deserve another chance
  • and anything else i can think of or you can suggest

good night, y’all!

Blessed Be