Blocked By Boxes

I’ve been playing a game on my android called Vampire Live. About a week ago, I began to get harassed by some other players. There was pink, the banshee ™ (she actually had the trademark added though I’m sure she has no clue what it means), and her brother/ husband N(boxes) D’M(boxes).
I was put on a “hit list” while these idiots discussed me. I blocked them from my page as soon as I realized what stupid people they were.
I forgot how evil stupid people can be.
So I thought I was making up with that guy with boxes in his name.
I pick my son up from school.
I go check on the game and I’m banned for three days.
Those idiots had told me they’d get rid of me.
I’m banned, according to Storm 8, for “inappropriate in-game play”.

My ban was finally over! I clicked on th game: vampires live. I checked in with my homegirl Bella& found out that the banshee had been banned, too.
Ok my tattoo kit is here. Later 🙂

Soo I find out banshee has been banned, too. I go to Mr boxes page and he has declared “open season” on me. And SynfulSaint (Baint. If you consider the Cyrillic letter he’s using.) Has posted, 42seconds earlier, “she (me) posted on Bella’s wall”.
Then I’m banned. Again.


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