Bay Ridge Hospital Sucks

Dear Bay Ridge Hospital:
I went to your “hospital” with a three week old kitten (Loca) who had conjunctivitis.
Your lovely vet claimed she had “feline herpes” and, since I had three other cats, should get rid of the kitten.
My then 7yr old son started crying.
Your vet left the room.
The vet tech tossed the fecal specimen in the garbage.
Needless to say, your vet was WRONG.
She was HEARTLESS, as was the vet tech.
Fortunately, I worked as a vet tech for six days, and knew better.
That kitten (Loca) is a year and a half and completely healthy.
As are the three cats (Ema, Lightning, and Nikita)  she (Loca) has been playing with and sharing the same food and water bowls with and the same two litter boxes.
I’m so happy I didn’t listen to your vet.
Please take me off of your list as I’d rather be tortured than visit your place again.
Unless I’d like an incorrect diagnosis.
Bye bye

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—–Original Message—–
From: Bay Ridge Animal Hospital

To: Deekat

Sent: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 8:08 PM

Subject: News from Bay Ridge Animal Hosp.

We have lots of important news to share with you about Bay Ridge Animal Hospital.

1. Join us for our Pet Adoption Event on Saturday, August 16. Details below.

2. We’re welcoming a great veterinarian to our team.

3. Enjoy a Gift Certificate for savings on your next visit. [BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD GO TO YOU WITHOUT A GIFT CERTIFICATE]

You’re invited to give a new pet a loving home. Bay Ridge Animal Hospital, in partnership with Animal Care and Control, will be holding a Pet Adoption Event at our hospital on August 16th, from 12 pm – 4 pm. Even if you aren’t looking for a pet, a pet might find you!


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