Bad Dad’s GF tries to insult me lol

Background: my son’s dad, aka Bad Dad, aka BD is currently living off of / being supported by a girl young enough to be his daughter. (She just turned 21; BD is 34; I’m 36.)
Btw, her nickname is “Stuff”.
Yesterday Stuff tried her best to insult me. Lol. I told her not once but twice that THE BEST WAY TO INSULT SOMEONE IS STICK TO THE TRUTH.
Apparently, she doesn’t know anything true about me, or she’s too dumb to understand what I said.
Like Creepy, BD’s supporter before Stuff, she began repeating what I said. I told her how funny I found her attempts at insulting me were and lo and behold, she began adding “lol” to her texts.
Then there are the similarities: both told me that my son has shoes / boots that, instead of letting him have (so I’m not 100% financially responsible since I get no child support), the footwear sits in a closet unused as my son’s feet outgrow them.
Both also try claiming they’ll be around longer than me. *rolls eyes* meanwhile, BD already has another gf. And, while I’d never date him again, as long as he’s in my son’s life, BD is in mine. (Until our son is 18.)
By then Stuff will be a distant memory…


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