Divorce Timeline

Jambernews will now be an archive. There will also be a forum (the link is in the menu).
Jambernews has been a wonderful site for people to go and read an unbiased account of Amber Heard (who?) and the man unlucky enough to be snared in her web, Johnny Depp. Some have claimed that Jambernews is anti-Amber, but this is not true. The site also offers insight into Narcassistic Personality Disorder.
This piece is a brief overview of the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard divorce.
Thank you, Andy, for all of the hard work you and your Jamber Elves (instead of Xmas Elves) have done over the years. Wishing you and yours all tbe best in your future endeavors.
Blessed Be,
Dee Kat
A.K.A. dkstevens327


May 20-21 Johnny Depp’s Mother Betty Sue Palmer passes away.

May 23 Heard Files for Divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She asks for 50,000 a month in spousal support, the penthouse, and the range rover.

Depp’s attorneys have not had enough time to get all of his financials together. Until they have more time, they can not agree to Amber Heard’s demands.

May 27 Heard Accuses Depp of Abuse, obtains a restraining order, and states she;s been abused for 4 years by Depp, and that he has a long history of substance abuse. She claimed Depp threw an iPhone at her on May 21st, photos are released showing a facial mark caused by the iPhone. The police that arrived that evening (May 21st) state they did not see any marks on her , nor any thing in the home that was disturbed.

May 29 Friend Says Depp Was ‘Manipulated’ By Heard…

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