Gossip: Amber Heard Is A Gold-digger And A Liar


UPDATE 19 JUNE 2016:

Since I pieced together this post, Amber Heard and her Herd have made it their business — and therefore ours — to alert the paparazzi to her every move. Her lies have gotten bigger and bolder to the point where even she can’t keep up. She filed for a temporary restraining order which, for those who don’t know, can be granted to anyone claiming they are afraid of someone else, no real evidence needed. That is why it is temporary. The judge gives a date for both parties to show up, at which point evidence is given and the judge can decide to make it a permanent restraining order. (These are general rules as laws differ from state to state.)
The date given was Friday 17 June, 2016. During the three weeks, Johnny Depp stayed quiet on the subject. He was on a European tour with his all-star band, The Hollywood Vampires and then went to his private island. Remember, this is a guy who just lost his beloved mother and is in mourning.
Amber continued trying to drag his name through the mud and about a week and a half before the date set in motion by papers she filed said, “Whoops. I have to be in London for a costume fitting. I won’t be able to be there.” (Mind you, she still hasn’t filed with the police, probably because filing a false report with the police is illegal. And she already has that arrest for domestic violence against her previous partner.)
Unfortunately for her, Amber was caught in her lie about being out of the country when she was spotted driving around L.A. Her excuse? The stress had caused her to lose weight and she was now “too skinny” to do the Justice League fitting.
Yes, you read that right. In a town where women who are a size 2 are told to “lose a few pounds”, Amber was supposedly told she was “too skinny”. (The movie studio has not commented as of this posting.) First, we are expected to believe that nobody in L.A. is capable of doing her fitting. (I guess the mail isn’t working so they couldn’t Fedex the designs and fabrics.) Next we’re to believe that she is “too skinny”. Is Amber thin? Very much so. But “too skinny” for Hollywood?

Anyway, I’m not able to keep up with this. Jonathan Shaw, who has known Depp for decades has some good posts on his Facebook page. But if you’re really interested, I suggest you check out jambernews. They’re on WordPress or you can Google “jambernews”. This guy, Andy, saw Amber for what she is before she married JD. Definitely worth a look.

(Originally posted 2 June 2016)

For those who haven’t heard of Johnny Depp , here’s the link to his IMDB page.

Friday 20 May, 2016, Johnny Depp’s mother died.


Johnny Depp’s Mother Dies at 81: Inside His Close Relationship with Betty Sue Palmer

On Monday, just 72 hours later, his wife of less than 15 months, Amber Heard, served Johnny Depp with divorce papers. What a lovely person.


Amber Heard Files for Divorce from Johnny Depp : People.com Mobile

There was a 22 year age difference between the two, and the relationship came on the heels of his break up with his partner of 14+ years, Vanessa Paradis. Vanessa is also the mother of Depp’s two children. (They never married, tho press claimed he wanted to but she didn’t.)


Heard has hired attorney Samantha Spector, who most recently represented Morena Baccarin in her high-profile divorce and child custody battle. 


NOTE: Not sure if I posted the blog about Morena Baccarin.
My son and I are fans of Gotham, the FOX tv show about Batman’s early years, but finding out what Baccarin is like in Real Life… ugh.
She was married with a young son when she began an affair with her costar, Ben McKenzie. When Baccaran filed her divorce papers in September 2015, she included a bit about being pregnant and already in another relationship with McKenzie, who plays James Gordon on Gotham.


‘Today, I am in a new committed relationship. I am planning to re-marry. Also, I am 3 1/2 months pregnant.’ 

It’s been almost a year, and nothing has come out about Baccarans husband abusing her or anything else that would or could possibly justify two adults, one married, from holding off on an affair. Why didn’t she file for divorce first? Why didn’t they use protection? I don’t know but it wasn’t easy to explain to my son and I still have problems with the situation.

Johnny Depp Asks Judge to Reject Amber Heard’s Claim for Spousal Support: Report


Johnny Depp’s Daughter Offers Support During Abuse Scandal


Vanessa Paradis Defends Johnny Depp From Abuse Claims


Johnny Depp Is Being Blackmailed by Amber Heard – Here’s How I Know (Guest Column)


OK. So I’ve posted some links; so what?
Well, anyone who has read my blog (especially “This Is What It’s Like“, which still needs a better ending) will know that I am a Domestic Violence Survivor. Crippled, yes. In chronic (constant) pain, yes. But alive.
I’ve learned that we all act and react differently.
However, I do not believe Amber Heard was abused and terrorized by Johnny Depp for the four years they were together, including their fifteen months of marriage — a marriage she placed an ultimatum on (she said she’d leave if he didn’t marry her. Google it yourself.)
Her timeline is all wrong.
Yes, she gained her fame from dating him, OK, we get it.
But she is the one who demanded he marry her. Why? If she’s scared for her life, why?
I left my son’s dad before I knew I was pregnant and spent most of my pregnancy on the N train. Why? Because I was scared for my life and the life of my unborn child.
I stayed in questionable homeless shelters.
I was put in a domestic violence shelter by a social worker while my son was in the NICU (Neonatal ICU), because she saw how my son’s dad treated me. At the time, I was still denying that my son’s dad was abusive. In fact, when the DV shelter asked me to get a Restraining Order (R.O.), I said, “no”. Yes, he’d drugged me to get me pregnant. There was physical abuse. He took any money I received from my job walking a dog and from my family. He cut me off from friends and, eventually, my family. His older sister wanted nothing to do with him and his younger sister and mother told me how he had his dad’s (my son’s paternal grandfathers) temper and had abused them. But I made excuses: why get me pregnant if he didn’t want to be with me? (I’d been trying to leave him.) Because he knew I’d make a good mother and it would bond us for life, he told me.

Amber Heard filed for divorce 72 hours after Johnny Depp’s mother died. She asked for spousal support. When his lawyer asked the judge to deny her the support, she brought up a story of abuse and C l aimed Depp had hit her with a phone on Saturday night. Photos OK N friends social media sites, showing her w I think no bruise Sunday thru Tuesday we’re removed. Cops had been called, but no evidence of abuse was present and they did not file a report. After Depp’s lawyer asked the judge to deny Heard spousal support, the bruise appeared.
Now, everyone bruises differently. Some bruise immediately, s OK me take 24 hours. But there would still be swelling and pink or redness. This is a pale white girl we’re talking about.

I’m not one to think a claim of abuse is false but this makes it bad for those of us who have been thru it. And just because I don’t believe her doesn’t mean I’m on his side.
It’s like a girl claiming rape after willingly having sex with a guy then realizing she was just a one nighter.
It’s bullshit and it’s wrong.
If it turns out I am wrong, I will make a public apology. But for now, Amber Heard is a gold digging, lying bitch.



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