Clash of Clans: I Give Up On Clans! (Journal Fri 18 March 2016)


After my first experience playing Clash if Clans (see Gaming and Bitches), I stopped playing for 8+ months.
I started and joined what I thought was a cool clan.
Let me interrupt by saying I find it easier to give than ask for this clan, I only asked for donations for war. Even though I would adjust my schedule due to the fact most players were six hours ahead of me, I’d rarely get any war donations except for filling up my clan castle for an attack — which I appreciated.
When I attacked without waiting for the donations, I was told to wait. When I waited, someone else would attack the one I was supposed to attack and I was left looking like I wasn’t part of the “team”. I once hit “lower” and had a little girl tell me “anyone can hit lower” and
“there’s no I in team”. The next war, I was told on chat and WhatsApp to hit 14 & 17; those in 1-10 would hit 1-10; oddly, #4 hit both 14 AND 17 — and it was the same little girl who reamed me before. Coincidence? I hoped so. She ignored my attempts to “clear the air” in chat and on WhatsApp. Oookayyy…
I decided to try one more war.
We were supposed to attack our mirrors (if you’re 11, as I was, your mirror is 11) then wait to hear about our second attack.
I was talking to someone about 6 hours into a 24 hour war. I wanted to get my mirror before bed, but nobody was donating to me. I said I’d give the player three wizards while I hoped for donations to attack my mirror, 11. He used my three wizards to attack my mirror then, instead if donating anything to me, left.
I had no donations and my mirror had been hit and the war leader was in bed for seven more hours.
I quit.
I we I’ll not willingly be in a no win situation. If I attack with no donations, I should’ve waited.
If I wait, everything is taken and I’m reamed for hitting something”easy”.
I cannot win no matter shat I do.

I’ve included what I had from earlier this week:

I’ve Lost My Rings! Tues/Wed 15/16 March 2016


When I was piercing, back in the last millennium, we called them “curved barbells”. Now, they’re, “horseshoes”. Either way, I had them in both outer labia and my hood (vertical clitoral hood piercing).
While my son was taking a shower yesterday, he called me in: he’d found one of the curved barbells, minus the ball to keep it in. I stuck my hand down my pants (not in front of my son, you perverts!) and found not one but both of my outer labia jewellery missing! Wtf? Has it been that long since I’d been “down there”?
Obviously, I do keep that area clean, or else my son wouldn’t have found the ring in the shower. But I’ve been CBC (Celibate By Choice) for two years. Why? Well, I can’t talk to women I like. And my taste in males… One crippled me for life (my son’s dad, who spent almost fifty hours in jail for that. Pretty harsh, huh? Oh, I’m sorry, did I drip some sarcasm on you? Seriously, he took video of himself putting me in a chokehold and slamming my lower spine on his knee. It shows me on the floor, unconscious, as my six year old son stands by me, trying to protect me* — something no child should have to do— screaming, “I hate you dad! I never want to see you again!” What did the judge do? Give my son’s dad the right to pick my son up from school — an extra three hours — which meant I was bombarded with complaints about the behaviour of my son’s dad; as if I had any say in it!), the others leave a lot to be desired. The last one swore he wanted to be clean, but after getting out of jail (a stupid thing that happened before I met him), he just stole my money and broke my heart.

[* see, This Is What Its Like, and if you can help with the ending, please let me know! Thank you.]


You, Me and the Apocalypse

So. You’ve got 34 days until the end of the world. What do you do?

As a fan of Horrible Histories and Yonderland, I was looking forward to Mat Baynton in this show. He was wonderful The Wrong Mans, and he is wonderful playing twins in this show.


Check out “Pokemini – Dress & Decorate!”

I’ve been playing Pokemini for almost a year. You get to dress your mini and design your home. You get to interact with other minis: water their tree (unless it’s ready to harvest, then you get whatever they’ve got growing); you “slap” their board; ypu leave comments, public or private; you send or trade items of clothing or furniture.
The first of March tgey announced that, as of the 3rd, you could no longer buy currency — in the form of pink frosted donuts — as they were closing the game. No reason. No explanation. They reccommended playing their other, similiar game:

Check out “ポケコロ 〜ポケット暮らしのコロニアン〜”

The problem? It’s in Japanese.

Fuck you, Cocone. Thanks a lot.

Body Candy

Body Candy is an online site that I order all of my jewellery from. While the plugs tend to be somewhat random in sizing, they have great prices and amazing customer service. I once ordered a scorpion ear plug at my son’s request (demand) as he is a Scorpio. The claw on one side was broken when I received it. I took a photo if the unopened plug, and sent an email asking if I should send it back. A few days later, I decided I was going to send another email. I checked my mail and there was a perfect, unbroken scorpion plug with an apology. No extra charge. They believed me and replaced it immediately. And now I am I Lifetime Customer.
They don’t just have body piercings. I’ve purchased a customized dogtag necklace with a pawprint, my cat’s name and dates (FLUFFY 1983-2005); a butterfly choker; etc.
My only problem is that, since I’m older than most of their clients, I have piercings that need 10g, such as my labia and hood. My navel is 12g. I guess kids nowadays just want their visible ears stretched, but my nipples are 10g and my tongue used to be 4g, and its hard to find new jewelery. Maybe some thicker gauges for us old folks, please?

Blessed Be,
D. K. Stevens


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