Internet Trolls, Posting Kids: Journal Mon/Tues 8/9 February 2016

Jameson has Pfeiffer syndrome, which causes premature fusion of the skull and alters the shape of the head and face of those affected. AliceAnn has been writing about Jameson and the condition since his birth in 2012 on her blogJameson's Journey.

The other day, I saw this article:

Apparently, a mother had been posting about her son, who has Pfieffer Syndrome.
Someone saw it and, using the anonymity of the internet, created a meme. This meme compared a toddler with a legitimate disease to a pug (a breed of dog).
I am not posting the meme because I do not feel that this cowardly act should get more press; because the mother of the child is trying to get the meme off the web and I do not wish to add to her heartache and workload; and because I do not believe in posting / promoting memes that hurt others. If this boy, Jameson, were a bit older, he might have seen for himself how cruel people can be.
But notice the creator of the meme, despite it being in major news outlets throughout the world, has yet to stand up and take credit for his work. Is he ashamed that he made fun of a toddler who has had, and will continue to have, multiple surgeries to correct what Pfieffer Syndrome (each highlighted “Pfieffer Syndrome” is to a different link) has done to him? Could the creater perhaps feel bad? Maybe a sense if shame, when reading about how Pfieffers Syndrome doesn’t only affect Jameson’s outward appearance, but also his very quality of life? (I’m using the male pronoun for simplicitys sake. This could just as easily have been done by a female.)
I’d like to believe that this person would not have done this to this Jameson, knowing about Pffieffer’s, although the original was likely lifted off of the original post. But the number of people who liked, shared, lol’d (since when is that a word?), etc, shows that people really are insensitive assholes.
Normally, I am of the opinion that if you put your child “out there”, be prepared for the fall-out. And that opinion is specifically aimed at famous people, or infamous people (read: reality “stars”, Kardashians, “Real Housewives of Nowhere”, etc.), who drag their kids about as if they are the new purse-sized mini-breed dog.*
(*Ever notice how most of them have, “poo” in their breed name?).
And, yes, this mother did post the pictures of her son online. But she did so as part of a journal of life with three sons, one of who has Pfieffers Syndrome.


This child, Jameson, isn’t even four years old. His mother started the blog because his condition is so rare, she probably hoped others would see it and understand why he looks the way he does; she probably hoped others with children going through the same thing wouldn’t feel so alone; I’m sure she did not think posting these pictures would result in her son being made fun of. (In the article, it claims that when trying to remove the meme the mother was told to, “chill”, as the picture was, “photoshopped”.)

What is the end result? Jameson’s mother will be hunting down those memes for a while.
When Jameson is older, he will probably come across the meme.
And the coward who did it probably doesn’t care about the pain he has caused.

People who know me in Real Life know I don’t post pictures of my son online. I am often asked why, which is hard for me to answer.
You see, my honest answer will most likely insult those who do post pictures of their children:

* I do not post pictures of my child online because when he was a baby, his father said we shouldn’t post his pictures online. His dad gave me a lot of reasons, some of which I believe and have included below.
His dad has since posted photos of my son with his (the dad’s) various girlfriends. Girlfriends who physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abused my son, all with his dad’s approval and encouragement.
No comment.

* I went to school with and was sort of friends with, a boy from 4th-12th grade. I say, “sort of”, because we wrote more than, “have a nice summer” (the ultimate “I have NOTHING to say to you” yearbook comment), but didn’t hang out outside of school.
In college, I found out on the news that he had been arrested for buying “kiddie porn” online (see my blog on Google+: Perverts Paradise).
Nathaniel Levy, the boy, er, man, I am talking about, whose ear lobes I drew on during 8th grade Sex Education, had worked at the Bronx Zoo putting kids on and taking them off of some large animal — in other words, lots of physical contact. He had been ordering videos (VCR videos; Google the term, kiddies) thru the mail (Stupid! Never do anything thru the mail as it is federal.). Videos of kids doing things kids should not be doing and people should not be watching. Seriously — there are tons if adults in their 20’s who can pass for kids. Heck, Moaning Mertle in the Harry Potter films was, like, in her late 30’s!
I saw Nathaniel aka “Nate the Snake” (*vomit*) working at Toys R Us in Times Square (great background checks guys!) and asked if “it” was true. He said it was and asked if I was going to get him fired.
As of last year, he was no longer working at the Toys R Us, although he had been there, a convicted pedophile (although he apparently made some kind of deal since I saw him on the train a couple of years after the news), for almost a decade!!!
It turns out, he had been one of the first on Facebook and told me he had said he was a parent which gave him unlimited access to pictures of kids. His favorites were, surprisingly, since I’d thought he’d say “nude”, holiday photos.
So while you think you are “safe” from pedophiles by only posting pictures of your kids wearing clothes, I’m here to tell you that the person in the first FBI textbook of online crimes, pedophile section, has told me that he “likes” the kids “dressed in holiday clothes”.

* My son is a beautiful boy (the John Lennon song was playing when I first saw my son in the NICU).
I’ve had people comment this fact to me his whole life.
I’ve been stopped in the street; a stranger insisted on giving me $5 “to buy that angel a toy” while her own son said, “but i want a toy, mommy!”.
I don’t need to post photo’s of my son online to have others tell me how cute/sweet/gorgeous/etc. he is.
If I know you, you will see him in person.
If we live faraway, I can email photos. (Yes, email is easy to hack, but that’s more specific, more personal. And I don’t think anyone is out to get me. At the moment lol.)

* It drives me nuts when people post multiple shots: here’s my son looking cute; here he is two seconds later still looking cute; same outfit, different pose: same pose, different outfit. Ugh. Really? You need all of those likes and comments? You aren’t secure in the knowledge your kid is awesome? Wtf?
Gag me with a plastic fork!

Now, I’m not insulting people who post pictures of their kids. I’m guessing they feel their kid IS adorable and they want to share and have never grown up with a pedophile and don’t realize how easy it is to hack Facebook, etc.
Like eating meat, it is a choice that we make.
And, in certain cases, I am actually happy when the parent posts pictures of the kid. For example, a friend of mine was trying to have a baby with his wife for a while. She finally got pregnant a few months before he died. She and I have never met, so I wouldn’t get to see his, er, their son if she didn’t post pictures online.
At the same time, I worry. He is a handsome, adorable boy. And while I did check in on my friends wife after he died (he asked me too), it’s been two years and she’s got her own friends. I’m sure she knows I’m here if she needs me but we don’t have much in common except her husband/my friend, and people who knew them both can tell her how much he loved her (he did. He really, really loved her. He’s dying slowly and painfully and he was more worried about her.)

I’m off to polish up my interview questions for a fellow blogger.
Blessed Be


I recently had to buy a new phone. My wonderful Samsung Galaxy Avant was replaced with a Samsung LG Stylo (more on my various phones, and their comparisons, in a future post).
When I first got an android, I used an app called My Binder: Tabbed Notes for my writing. The app is awesome: you get four “notebooks”, with five (or is it six?) tabs. You can name your notebooks and your tabs, as well as change the colors.
But then i found Notebooks. You can have as many notebooks as you like, neatly displayed on shelves with different color choices. Each notebook can have an unlimited number of pages and, like Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, you can title each page differently.
My current problem is that the writing I did in Notebooks was not transferred. This is something i should have thought of when transferring information, but since I was using the same sd memory card, I stupidly thought the writing would transfer itself. (As in, when I opened Notebooks on this phone, the info would be there.)
I just wasted the last hour with the sd card in the old phone, transferring the writing to my Google Drive, only to find that it is not on the Drive, and when I put the sd card back on the old phone Notebooks did not show up so I cannot even take pictures with my new phone or transcribe the writing manually.
Sometimes I really hate technology.


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