Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Speaks Against Declawing Cats

Declawing is literally ripping the nail out at the root.
An indoor cat might get out.
An indoor cat might become an outdoor cat (it happened to my precious Fluffy).
Cat scratching furniture? Try giving them something else to claw. No need to buy an expensive version, you can make one with rug scraps (make sure theyre cat safe!) and wood, or buy a cardboard version at the dollar store. A little cat nip sprinkled on it will get your cat where you want him/her. Be sure to praise them when you see them clawing the scratching post!
Another technique is a water spritzer, like the kind used for watering plants or doing hair, also available at dollar stores. Fill with clean water. When you see kitty scratching, sternly say, “no”, and give them a light misting (not the direct spray). Then direct them over to what you do want them to scratch.
It’s also important to keep your cats nails trimmed — not cut. Have the vet show you how. This will help keep them from scratching, too.
Above all, DO NOT DECLAW!
I am proud to live in what might be the first state to ban declawing. Yay New York!
Best news I’ve had in over a week…


The Write Practice

Let me tell you a little bit about The Write Practice:
The Write Practice is one of those blogs that you simply must follow. They have more than one writer, and cover an array if topics that are easy to relate to if you are a writer (or would like to be one or, heck, just know a writer). They have tips, ideas, suggestions, you name it. The writers are all very nice and answer you personally. (No, I doubt they will write your novel for you.)
Best of all, I might be able to offer you a post containing an interview if sorts (OK, she said she’d answer some questions but I’m running with that!) with one of their writers! Granted, this was before Nikita the Cat got sick, needing surgery; my son had his vacation and got sick; I got what my son has *cough, cough*; my dad had surgery (just got out after ten hours); etc. I haven’t even been on social media — not that I’m on much, but I have messages to *achoo* respond to.
Originally, I had asked if I could simply do a post linking a few of their posts. Normally, if I like a blog, I will repost something of theirs and hope that you will follow the link. No offence to the other wonderful blogs I follow, but with The Write Practice, I simply could not choose one.
With all that is going on right now, I will leave you with a post written by my favourite type of writer: a feline. Enjoy!

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What is the point of scheduling a blog?

I schedule for 9:30pm the day I finish a post. (Eastern standard. Or daylight. East coast, USA. I don’t know and I blame the educational system in this country.)

Two posts ago: didn’t get posted. Not the first time this has happened. Will probably happen again. Had to post it as soon as I noticed since it was dated.

Today’s post: scheduled for 9:30pm tonight. I double checked time and date. Good and good. And it was published at around 11:15am!!!!

I’m going to go cry in a corner.
Or kick something. Hard.

Internet Trolls, Posting Kids: Journal Mon/Tues 8/9 February 2016

Jameson has Pfeiffer syndrome, which causes premature fusion of the skull and alters the shape of the head and face of those affected. AliceAnn has been writing about Jameson and the condition since his birth in 2012 on her blogJameson's Journey.

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First Official Journal Entry: Started Fri 5 Feb, 2016, 10:30a.m.; Finished Mon 8 Feb, 12:15a.m.


I’ve decided that in order for me to get the writing done, I will start including Journal Entries into my usual Free Write format. There are quite a few blog posts that I wish to go over, redo, and rewrite, adding details that the Free Write format doesn’t always allow for.
For those unfamiliar with Free Writing, it is an excellent exercise used in writing classes and in ones own. It can help break the dreaded Writer’s Block, as well as get to What I / You Really Want To Write About. I am a huge fan of the Free Write, probably due to the fact that I have put myself in therapy for most if my adult life (insanity runs in my family, as does denial). To do a Free Write, take a piece if paper and pen (or other writing tool) and simply write. You can choose the amount of time — five or ten minutes being the “norm”. Write whatever comes into your head. Do not worry about spelling or grammar. You can write a story, a piem, ideas for future stories, your grocery list, “I can’t think if anything to write” over and over if that us what is in your head. It does not matter as long as you do not stop writing.

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