Quiz: What Color Lantern Would You Be? | Writers Group 1



(taken from my attempt at an online writer’s group one year ago today. Enjoy! Sorry about t g e photos not coming thru…)

I’ve been taking quizzes lately. Not on any important matters, but sometimes a writer need some fun! (Of course, writing is fun. If you’re writing what you want.

Have you heard of the Green Lantern? Basically, Hal Jordan find a crashed alien pod containing a dying Green Lantern. Alien dies, Hal takes over.

The point of this exercise isn’t the silly quizzes. The point is to look at each color and what it symbolises and decide which one you are. Which one you’d like to be. Which one you wouldn’t want to be.
I’d use this as a quick, say 2 – 5 minute Free Write. Mine is below. Feel free to send yours in (mailto: lalitadevibastet@yahoo.com) & don’t forget a link to your blog / site.

The best article, with in depth descriptions of each color is found at

For a shorter version…

Here are the Lanterns and what each represents:

Green (willpower)
Red (hatred)
Indigo (compassion)
Violet (love)
Black (hope)
Yellow (fear)
Orange (avarice / greed)

********* ********* *********

I got You’d be the White Lantern of life.!


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For my next test, I got Blue Lanterns:


********* ********* *********
Next, I received Indigo…


********* ********* *********
And now for my Free Write (3 minutes):

After reading about the different colours — refreshing my memory, as it were, since I read the full Darker Night story arc — I am (again) reminded how the colours I love represent how I would like to be. And be seen, because everyone likes to be appreciated.
Violet (love), Black (hope) and Indigo (compassion) are three favourite colours, and I like what the represent.
Yellow and Orange are two of my least favourite colours — and fear and greed are two aspects I don’t particularly like.
If you haven’t figured it out, each colour is an aspect of a human being. We all have hope and love and compassion; just as we all experience greed and hate. The Green ring represents willpower. Willpower is a tricky thing. We’d all like to have strong wills, but it isn’t always easy. This is the problem Half Jordan and his team
[Time’s up]


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