19 Tooth Fairy Ideas That Are Borderline Genius


In the U.S. we have gold (not real gold but real currency) dollar coins. I give my son a couple of those pretending that they’re fairy gold. You can get them from the MTA in NYC. Or I check with local stores and ask if I can buy any gold dollars they have. I try to keep a couple on hand just in case of emergency tooth loss.
Once I was caught without enough coins when my son found the three teeth he’d lost during his stay with his two dads. He received an IOU note written with letters that all had swirls and spirals on each letter (my hand was so sore the next day!) explaining that the Tooth Fairy Assistant 544237 was unable to give him all the money that was owed for the teeth and she would return the following night. It used up all of the ink in my glitter tattoo pens but it was worth it to see his face! The following day he awoke to the rest of his fairy gold coins plus another letter from the Tooth Fairy herself. (I had to ice my hand after that letter!)
For those who don’t know, fairies can take something like a leaf and make it look like real money using glamour. Humans have to spend it that day or it will turn back into it’s original form.


Quiz: What Color Lantern Would You Be? | Writers Group 1



(taken from my attempt at an online writer’s group one year ago today. Enjoy! Sorry about t g e photos not coming thru…)

I’ve been taking quizzes lately. Not on any important matters, but sometimes a writer need some fun! (Of course, writing is fun. If you’re writing what you want.

Have you heard of the Green Lantern? Basically, Hal Jordan find a crashed alien pod containing a dying Green Lantern. Alien dies, Hal takes over.

The point of this exercise isn’t the silly quizzes. The point is to look at each color and what it symbolises and decide which one you are. Which one you’d like to be. Which one you wouldn’t want to be.
I’d use this as a quick, say 2 – 5 minute Free Write. Mine is below. Feel free to send yours in (mailto: lalitadevibastet@yahoo.com) & don’t forget a link to your blog / site.

The best article, with in depth descriptions of each color is found at

For a shorter version…

Here are the Lanterns and what each represents:

Green (willpower)
Red (hatred)
Indigo (compassion)
Violet (love)
Black (hope)
Yellow (fear)
Orange (avarice / greed)

********* ********* *********

I got You’d be the White Lantern of life.!


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********* ********* *********
For my next test, I got Blue Lanterns:


********* ********* *********
Next, I received Indigo…


********* ********* *********
And now for my Free Write (3 minutes):

After reading about the different colours — refreshing my memory, as it were, since I read the full Darker Night story arc — I am (again) reminded how the colours I love represent how I would like to be. And be seen, because everyone likes to be appreciated.
Violet (love), Black (hope) and Indigo (compassion) are three favourite colours, and I like what the represent.
Yellow and Orange are two of my least favourite colours — and fear and greed are two aspects I don’t particularly like.
If you haven’t figured it out, each colour is an aspect of a human being. We all have hope and love and compassion; just as we all experience greed and hate. The Green ring represents willpower. Willpower is a tricky thing. We’d all like to have strong wills, but it isn’t always easy. This is the problem Half Jordan and his team
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20 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

This excellent post wouldn’t share more than the link and i know a lot of people see a link and think, “I’ll click on that later.” If you saw how many links I’ve got in Google Keep and Pocket, you would see I’m the same way.
I really hope Sam Dylan Finch doesnt mind that i copied and pasted the entire post (I’ll delete it if you do mind, Sam!), but as someone dealing with anxiety (especially when it comes to phone calls! See #6), as well as physical / chronic pain (fibromyalgia, nerve damage, herniated & bulging discs), a lot of these could have been my Revolutions (I don’t make “resolutions”. I make “revolutions” — major and minor tweaks to my life.)
I do have one slight disagreement with #3 — my experience has shown me that those with schizo-type disorders tend to stop taking their meds as prescribed because they tend to believe it’s not them but everyone else who is crazy. But I don’t have any scientific statistics so maybe it is bipolar people 😃
Anyway, read the post, check out Sam’s awesome blog (link below and on the bottom right of my blog). Now, off to my MRI *eeek!*

20 Mental Health Resolutions For The New Year

written by Sam Dylan Finch

4: I will challenge myself to say “yes” to the things that scare me.

I might be in the minority on this one, but as I’ve gotten older, New Year’s Eve has become one of my favorite holidays.

I am a lover of fresh starts – an empty journal, a big move, a new career – and I thrive on this feeling of possibility. There is nothing quite like the year turning over, and with it, the promise of good things to come.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always taken the New Year as an opportunity to reflect.With that reflection, I do make resolutions, too – though I’m a big believer that our resolutions should come from a place of loving ourselves rather than trying to “fix” ourselves, as resolutions can so often imply.

For me, my resolutions often center around my mental health. Since bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety are my constant companions, I take the New Year as a moment to check in with myself and decide what I might do differently (and what should stay the same!) to ensure that I’m taking care of myself.

This year, I want to share those resolutions. Here are 20 that I hope will inspire you to prioritizeyour mental health this coming year (with some f-bombs thrown in here, for good measure, brace thyself):

1. I will only invest in people who invest in me. I will not pour my energy into a relationship that is intentionally one-sided; I will not offer my time to someone who does not value our relationship.

2. I will ask for help when I need it. Fuck this struggle bus that I ride for weeks on end, thinking that I should pull myself up by my bootstraps and deal. I’ll call the hotline; I’ll give my psychiatrist a ring; I’ll message a friend.

3. I will take my medications as prescribed.Someone told me recently that bipolar folks have the worst med compliance of any group. Based on my history, I believe it.

4. I will challenge myself to say “yes” to the things that scare me. Because letting anxiety rule over my life keeps me from pursuing amazing opportunities that could bring a lot of happiness into my life.

5. But I’ll also say “no” when I need to, without judgment. Sometimes saying “yes” to everything can be just as harmful as saying “no.” So I’ll seek out a balance.

6. I will stop putting off that phone call. I avoid a lot of things because, well, anxiety. But in doing that, I end up creating more panic than it’s worth. So when I’m able, I’ll push myself to be proactive.

7. I’ll get enough sleep. Because, let’s face it, sleep is critical and getting an early start to my day helps me to be more productive.

8. I’ll stop placing a moral value on food. Food is just food. No more “this is so bad of me” or “I’m being so good right now” when I’m talking about cheesecake and salads. When we judge our food, we by extension judge ourselves. And I don’t need that kind of toxic bullshit in my life, controlling what I can and cannot put on my plate, letting the food I eat decide if I should feel guilty or happy today (or ever).

9. I will focus on being resilient. I have a history of codependency, and knowing this, I’m going to continue my commitment to building up my self-care practice and expanding my support network to ensure I am not putting too much weight on my partners’ shoulders.

10. I will not punish myself for having bad days.Sometimes when my mental health is suffering, I feel that I am personally to blame, as if I made this happen. But the last thing I need is to guilt myself when I’m already struggling. I’m going to opt for kindness instead.

11. I will find a form of movement that I love and incorporate it into my self-care. Not because I want to lose weight, not because I need to exercise to be a “good” person, but because physical movement can be really good for our mental health and can feel great.

12. I will take a break when I need it. Not “when I finish this,” not “if I find the time,” I will take a fucking break if I need one, as soon as I possibly can and as often as it’s needed, because no assignment or task is as important as my mental health.

13. I will buy the latte or go out for dinner with friends, even if money is tight. If I can swing it, I need to get out of the apartment. Frugality at the expense of my mental health is total nonsense. I won’t let myself feel guilty for spending money on “luxuries” if it means that I’m more stable.

14. I will spend less time responding to negative comments and more time responding to positive ones. I’ve spent way too much time replying to negative comments on my articles and just “liking” the positive comments. Guess what that’s accomplished? Literally nothing.

15. I will spend as much time on social media as I fucking want. There are all these ads and memes about going outside and “living.” But truthfully, my online community has helped me through some of the most difficult stuff I’ve ever been through. They give me life. So if being on social media makes me happy, I’ll tweet to my heart’s content.

16. I’ll stop judging myself based on how “productive” I was that day. Guess what? It turns out that we’re not robots. Who would’ve thought?

17. I will shut down the voices in my head that tell me I’m not good enough. Or I’ll try, anyway. Because if I had listened to them, I wouldn’t bewhere I am today.

18. I’ll indulge my inner fangirl. I’ll watch a new show on Netflix for four hours and spend another four hours reading up on all the existing conspiracy theories about the show. I’ll take up a new hobby and let myself get lost in it. I’ll find a new musical artist and read their biography eight times. It doesn’t matter how silly it seems – it’s okay to geek out on something that brings you happiness (as long as you’re not manic, obvi).

19. I’ll dance more. Dancing is literally the best thing. Why don’t I dance more often? I have no idea, but that has got to change.

20. I will vocalize what I need. Sometimes I’m afraid to ask for the things that I need. This year, I won’t self-silence out of a fear that I might be a burden.

No matter what 2016 brings, I hope that you’ll be prioritizing your mental health – not just because it’s important, but because you absolutely deserve to be well.

What are your mental health resolutions for 2016? Share them with me in the comments (and I’ll try to respond, haha: see #14).

Preparing For Tomorrow’s MRI

I’ve had MRI’s before.
I’ve also done my research: there is not one single solitary case of the MRI machine collapsing into large, heavy, sharp pieces of metal while someone was in one. (There are no reported cases of that happening, period.)
But I’m still terrified.
I have removed my below the neck piercings. I’ll remove the earrings tomorrow as I wait for the Valium to kick in. The Valium is also packed in my bag, along with a book on CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) cases and two journal / notebooks. The spiral has my notes on Amanda Palmers Art of Asking. The smaller book contains one entry from last week: David Bowie died this morning.
I’ve got a slight cold, my throat is swollen and sore.
I tried reaching out to my parents: biological mom hasn’t had a chance to answer; father responded he was “too busy with court before [his] surgery”. His surgery is in mid-february and it is a legal holiday. I’m his only child and my only child still wants to beat up his grandfather (my dad) for nasty things my father said about me in front of my son. My fathers only sibling isn’t talking to him. If all he could write was one sentence then dont answer; don’t keep bringing my son and me up to my grandmother (his mother) pretending he wants a relationship with us.
But that’s not really what’s bothering me or causing me to hide in the bathroom despite my son already being asleep.
I think I’m getting tired of going thru all of this medical crap by myself. I decided that since my taste in males is horrible and I can’t talk to women, i would be celibate and concentrate on being a mom. My son went thru some pretty traumatic stuff (I’m writing about it now but it’s long and detailed and involves court), so it was a good idea at first. However, people who don’t have medical problems have a low tolerance for hearing about those that do– and i don’t blame them. Heck, I’m sick of hearing about all of my medical problems! And since most of my life revolves around my kid and my health, it’s next to impossible to make new friends. Old friends just slip away into their own lives. (Another thing people have low tolerance for: stories about other peoples kids. I see people on the trains and buses. Person A us talking about their kid while Person B is counting the minutes because if they’ve listened to five minutes about Person A’s kid they feel they can talk about their kid for ten minutes.)

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Just Read the Book: Movie Adaptations, Special Editions, and the Reviewer’s Response — Cinema Sins — No movie is without sins.


Be sure to check out Cinemasins Everything Wrong With series on YouTube. (Nope, not getting paid. Μy son and I enjoy them so I thought I’d pass along the info.)

Blessed Be,
D.K. Stevens