Personality Questions: Catwoman “Crooked Little Town”

Originally posted on Facebook 30 May 2010

Get a pen and paper.
1. Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference:
Cow, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Tiger.

2. Write 1 word that describes each one of the following:
Cat, Coffee, Dog, Rat, Sea.

3. Pick someone you know whom you can relate to the following colors:
Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.

5. Write down your favorite number, and then read the interpretations below:

1. This will define your priorities in life:
Cow signifies Career.
Horse signifies Family.
Pig signifies Money.
Sheep signifies Love.
Tiger signifies Pride.

2. Your description of:
Cat implies the Personality of your Partner.
Coffee is how you interpret Sex.
Dog implies your Own Personality.
Rat implies the Personality of your Enemies.
The Sea implies your Own Life.

3. Green is Someone you will Remember for the rest of your life.
Orange is Someone you Consider to be Your Friend.
Red is Someone that you really Love.
White is your Twin Soul.
Yellow is Someone you’ll Never Forget.

4. Send this note to as many people as your favorite number. 😸

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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