Some Interesting Posts by

I love as it helps me when my son asks for the definition of a word I know the meaning of but cannot put into words. Enter this convenient app. They’ve also got some interesting blog posts and slideshows. Here are some recent ones I enjoyed :


A lot vs. Alot: 9 Grammatical Pitfalls at

Their, There, and They’re at



9 Internet Abbreviations Decoded at


Light Up Your Language for the Festival of Lights at


7 Spooky Words for Halloween at


Be Very Afraid: 8 Monsters of Literature and Folklore at


What’s Your Sign? 14 Astrological Terms Defined at


All the World’s a Stage: 8 Theatrical Terms at


12 Essential Types of Poetry at

Odd Jobs or Dream Jobs: 10 Well-Named Careers at

All photos from Google Search. The astrology picture was from a wonderful introduction to astrology that I had to include the link in the caption (

Blessed Be,
D.K. Stevens


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