Blog Posts I started and Will Probably Never Finish, Part 1

There are quite a few Blog posts that I have started but, for various reasons, have never finished. This is a Free Write Blog, meaning I write down my thoughts and, with few exceptions, post as is. There is no editing. (Although I can think of a few I’d like to go back and edit.)
Here are some I don’t see going anywhere:

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Personality Questions: Catwoman “Crooked Little Town”

Originally posted on Facebook 30 May 2010

Get a pen and paper.
1. Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference:
Cow, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Tiger.

2. Write 1 word that describes each one of the following:
Cat, Coffee, Dog, Rat, Sea.

3. Pick someone you know whom you can relate to the following colors:
Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow.

5. Write down your favorite number, and then read the interpretations below:

1. This will define your priorities in life:
Cow signifies Career.
Horse signifies Family.
Pig signifies Money.
Sheep signifies Love.
Tiger signifies Pride.

2. Your description of:
Cat implies the Personality of your Partner.
Coffee is how you interpret Sex.
Dog implies your Own Personality.
Rat implies the Personality of your Enemies.
The Sea implies your Own Life.

3. Green is Someone you will Remember for the rest of your life.
Orange is Someone you Consider to be Your Friend.
Red is Someone that you really Love.
White is your Twin Soul.
Yellow is Someone you’ll Never Forget.

4. Send this note to as many people as your favorite number. 😸

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.

The Room

There is a Room.
It is at the top of a three storey building, but it is not the attic. The ceiling is high, perhaps 12 feet, with sturdy pipes and beams which crisscross at about 10 feet. The windows are blackened, the walls soundproofed, though there wouldn’t have been much of a view and the rooms on the second floor are unused.
There are four small rooms on the first floor; these are rented by the hour. Or the half hour. Depending on what the customer is willing to pay for.
The office on the first floor used to be the pantry, but Sal had cut the door in half, and made it his office. The top part of the door could be closed, and locked with a vertical lock to hold the door together. There is a small card table that Sal used for his desk and for eating his meals. His meals are brought to him by one of the ageing women who work in the rooms that rented by the hour. Or the half hour.
The front door had a chain with a lock, so customers were forced to enter thru the back door.
Sal’s balding, shiny head, looking down at the newspaper, was the first thing customers saw when entering the house.
“Wipe your feet,” is Sal’s greeting.
When he looks up, he is able to tell which room the customer is looking to rent.
Today, he looks up and sees the bulge of cash in the pocket and the hangdog look. He slips the lock connecting the top with the bottom half of the door, and points to a chair for the customer.
After finding out that the customer is looking for the top floor, due to a breakup with a lady, Sal instead calls one of his “girls”.
” On the house,” Sal grunts at the “girl” of 63 years. Sal winks. She will still be paid.

Two days later, another man enters. His head is up, but his neck stiff.
The lock is put in place, and the man sits to the right of Sal.
“Everything is in order,” the man says, handing over a copy of his will and the letter he has written.
Sal reads it, slowly. Sal grunts.
“You know how this works, yeah?” Sal knows the answer. “What have you decided on?”
The man pulls a small handgun from his front coat pocket, and slides it, handle first, towards Sal.
Sal puts his hands in the air, a mock signal of, “I give up!”
“Don’t want no fingerprints, now,” Sal says. The man nods slowly. “Got the fee?”
The man reaches into his pants this time.
“For the room, for the clean up, and for putting the will and the letter in the proper hands.”
The man recites this in a monotone voice. Sal nods and opens his office door. “Top floor,” Sal points.
The man takes the gun and places it back into his jacket pocket. He heads for them slowly but with purpose. As soon as he’s disappeared out of sight, Sal calls for two of his others “girls”.
” Should be about fifteen minutes, ” he says, a loud *pop* from the top floor interrupting him. “Or less.”
The girls get their cleaning materials and head up the stairs, as Sal fills out the tax deduction form for a Suicide Premises.
Sal whistles as he signs his name at the bottom of the form.

25 Songs 25 Days (condensed version, just add water)


25 Songs, 25 Days
One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it.

Note: I started this back in March 2015 and “tidied it up” as an end of year / cleaning up drafts at the end of December 2015.
Feel free to copy this picture, or cut & paste the text, and do your own list.
If you know who came up with the original list, I’d love to give them credit 🙂

Day 01 – A song from your chidhood.
“Don’t You Forget About Me” Simple Minds. The Breakfast Club was one of my favorite movies, and it has held up quite well over the years.
Going further back, I’d have to say, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, by the Charlie Daniels Band, as it has “goddamn son of a bitch” in the lyrics, so I could get away with saying it. I had the single and would put it on my little record player with the volume up.

Day 02 – A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
Something by Eminem… Probably, “Space Bound”.

Day03 – A song that reminds you of one/both of your parents.
Anything by Eric Clapton would get my dad playing the guitar, but the first that came to mind was, “Falling To Pieces” by Faith No More. When my dad and stepmother were getting divorced, I hooked up both VCR’s and repeated the video about 10 times on one tape. Then I’d play it. Loudly.
And anything by The Beatles. I’ve always been a huge fan thanks to my dad and (ex)stepmother.
As for my mom, The Rolling Stones (especially “Mother’s Little Helper” and “19th Nervous Breakdown”).

Day 04 A song that calms you down.
I’ve always liked “Pressure” by Billy Joel and “Under Pressure” by Queen/David Bowie, tho I’ve been listening to the MCR/Used cover lately.

Day 05 – A Song that is often stuck in your head
“Helena” by MCR. My grandmother is getting older, and the thought of her being gone brings me to tears. “Helena” was written for Gerard (and Mikey) Way’s grandmother who sounds every bit as encouraging and supportive as my own.

Day 06 – A song that reminds you of a best friend.
I had a song with someone I was best friends with for a bit in high school. He picked it, tho I’m not sure why.
“Wish You Were Here”, by Pink Floyd.

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of the past summer (this would be 2014)
Definitely, “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. (The reference to drugging, er, medicating young people really hit home.).
And, “Not Okay” by MCR.

Day08 A song that seminds you of your 1st love.
This might be weird, but he got me into Danzig, so, “Mother”, since that was the only song we had at camp. I got the tape when I came home.

Day 09 – A song that makes you hopeful.

Day 10 – A song by your favorite band.
(December:) Lately my son and I have been listening to Horrible Histories. Do those “six idiots” (as they refer to themselves) count as a band?

Day 11 – A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie.
Uhhhhh… The only Soundtrack i owned was Purple Rain, by Prince, but it wasn’t a favorite movie. Still, the album is amazing.

Day 12 – The last song you had in your head.
“Welcome To The Black Parade”, MCR.

Day 13 – A song that reminds you of a former friend.
“She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes reminds me of my Toxic Twin. She was one of three people who said the song reminded her of me.

Day 14 – A song that seminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Single by choice.
But I had an ex who would play, “Leather” by Tori Amos and say it reminded him of me.

Day 15 – A song you love singing along to.
My son and I love (trying to) sing “The Monarchs Song” from Horrible Histories. It lists all of England’s Kings and Queens from William I to the present.

Day 16 – A song that has made you cry.
“Helena” (see Day 5).

Day 17 – A song that makes you want to dance.
I used to be able to dance to Latin music, but I recently learned having herniated discs means not being able to move like that… Oh, crap. Does that mean I have to do all my “moving” in a bed? Eek!

Day 18 – A song that you obsessively listen to.
Well, “Dick Turpin” from Horrible Histories is my main ringtone, so I hear ot a lot.

Day 19 – The fist song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes
Don’t own either.

Day 20 – The last song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes
See Day 19.

Day21-Your favote song.
I don’t think I could choose just one. I’m a lyric person and different songs remind me of different points in my life; if my life is ever made into a movie, it would have an awesome soundtrack.

Day22 – A song that someone has sung to you.
“Girls of Porn” by Mr. Bungle. (I used to have DD’s, so he changed the line about, “D cup mama’s…”.)

Day23 – A song that you cannot stand to listen to.
I love Pearl Jam’s, “Rearview Mirror”, but it reminds me too much of a past relationship.

Day24 – A song that you have danced to with your best friend.
Yeah, still don’t dance.

Day 25 – A song you could listen to all day without getting tied of.
My son and I listen to a lot of the Horrible Histories songs.

Blessed Be,
D. K. Stevens

An Open Letter to the Neighbor Who Filed a Complaint against my Black Lives Matter Sign

This is a wonderful letter from a member of a beautiful family. Two dads (one white, one Asian), their Latino son and Black daughter, had an anonymous complaint filed against them by a cowardly neighbor because they posted a “Black Lives Matter” sign. Instead of responding with anger at the neighbor, this father / teacher / husband wrote an open letter explaining why the sign matters — to him, his family, and the world.

Band of Brothers

Source: Band of Brothers

I’ve always thought I would make a good substance abuse counselor. I once signed up for classes at a place in the Bronx. You had to take a test and the top 10% would get in — it was free, so I ignored the angry, violent feelings tests cause me to have. I finished first and handed in my test. The teacher / guy giving the test raised an eyebrow and asked if I’d like to “look over my answers”. I glanced around the room of about twenty adults and saw they wouldn’t be done for quite some time but I was feeling a bit nauseated so I told him I was done. He had me wait while he graded my test. He cleared his throat and went over my test a second time. “I’m not supposed to say this but you’re in. You got a 100%.” (Take that, lysdexia, er, dyslexia.) I was told I would have to wait two weeks for the classes to start but during that time I found out I was pregnant. I told them I couldn’t take the spot.

The link above is to someone who is a substance abuse counselor. I chose this one because it reminded me of my ex — and why it didn’t work between us. My drug days ended when I became a parent. He’s living a continuous cycle of drugs, Rehab, back to drugs. He’s done the halfway house, the sober house, Rikers, impatient, out patient… you name it.