Brief Letter to Kim Davis, Kentucky, USA


For those who don’t know who this person is, here’s a link to her Wikipedia page (tho we all know how accurate Wikipedia is!): Kim Davis, Kentucky


Dear Ms. Davis —
One of the great things about this country is that we are allowed to have our own opinions.
Another great thing is the separation of Church and State.
Now, you might have missed this while reading your version of the Bible that specifically states you cannot give marriage licenses to same-sex couples (I’d love to see it; that typo means your copy is probably worth a lot of money.), but this means that, for example, if someone is working in a government office, they cannot impose their religious beliefs on others. Do you see where I’m going with this?
Your quote (which I’m sure was written for you) about facing a choice between your “conscience or [your] freedom”? Nice touch, but it’s really about doing your job vs. bringing your religious beliefs into a political arena and lapping up your 15 munutes.
Sweetie, can you honestly say that every single straight couple you married are still happily together and in love? That you spoke to and counseled each couple in the way of a True Christian marriage?

No. And that is not your job, either. Your job is not to pass your personal judgements or beliefs on people wanting to marry. Your job is to make sure that they are two consenting adults with proper ID, stamp their papers, and move on to the next couple. If your religious beliefs are such that you can no longer do this job now that all legal adults, regardless of race, economic status, religion, sex, gender, eye color, pets names, etc, can marry, then you need to give notice and find another job or retire. Because, I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to win this.

No, I’m not talking about some Gay Mafia type of backlash. I’m simply stating that this country has passed a law that translates to:

Equal dignity in the eyes of the law.

And that means it is no longer up to individual states.
Or, in your case, individual people.
Ms. Davis, nobody is saying you have to marry someone who is the same sex you are. I find it baffling how you could find two adults in love, wanting to spend their lives together, a threat to you or your way of life. But I’m moving off topic.
What it comes down to is that you are an unhappy woman who saw a way to be famous for a while. You probably do believe what you’re saying, but that is your right. Just as it is the right of (say it with me) two consenting adults to marry. With or without your blessing. Just your stamp.

You work for the government.
If the ruling in June, 2015 bothers you so much, you need to get another job. I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to take over your spot. (I will!)

Blessed Be,
D.K. Stevens


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