My story: Rock solid | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

My story: Rock solid | bpHope – bp Magazine Community.


I think knowledge is the key.

My son’s father dated a bipolar girl. My introduction to her was a text saying,  “when I see your son, I’m going to hurt him”. My son was three years old. I showed it to his dad, but dad claimed he didn’t know the number it was from. That weekend, bipolar girl shoved my son into a closet door. At ten, my son still has a scar on his forehead.

It soon escalated to the girlfriend stalking me, texting repeatedly  (I had three phones at one point since I was court ordered to give my son’s dad my phone number.) I received almost 400 emails in a 24 hour period  from bipolar  girl — after she had shut off my son’s dad’s phone while he had my son.

I now think that, with help, and without my son’s dad egging on her moods, things might have been different.

But they weren’t.

I was harassed, my son beaten and scarred, and the courts and children’s services  did nothing.


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