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I think I have an account on Medium.
What is Medium, you ask?
I don’t know.

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Meeting My Characters

I was waiting in my pain doctors office when a beautiful girl sat next to me. She didn’t appear crippled.
Large brown eyes, skin that made Herr appear to have a slight tan, wavy dark hair falling to the middle of her back. Her figure was slender but had some curves in the right —
“Are you thinking weird thoughts about me?” she whispered, leaning in towards me as if we were going to have a private conversation. “I’m Maria,” she added. “And I’m not. Not, um, crippled.”
Bonita popped into my head.
“We want you to write about us.”
I looked at her.
“It’s been years,” she continued. “You’ve got our family tree, births, deaths, even a map of the apartment I grew up in.”
I stared. Yes, I had a story in my head about a Maria and her family, but this was nuts.
Before I could do it, she reached over and pinched me. Hard. “See?” She smiled prettily. “I’m not a figment of your imagination.”
I rubbed the red mark. “Obviously not,” I muttered under my breath.
“Look, we’ve waited a long time. We haven’t read all of your notes — we don’t need the future,” she said, probably thinking of her maternal aunt who made a living telling people their future
. “But you need to get started or we’ll go to another writer.”
“You can do that?” I asked.
“Of course! Well, maybe. Ok, maybe not,” she pouted.
“I’m getting to you,” I said.
She brightened. “Really? That’s great!”
“But it’s going to take some time,” I said.
She tried to hide her anger. “Look, all we ask is a post about each of us,” she gritted out thru her teeth.
“Each of you! There are over thirty main characters,” I laughed.
“Thirty? Where’d — How can there be so many main characters?” I’d apparently caught her off guard.
“Ok, maybe they’re not all main. A lot are minor.”
“Better get to work then,” and she pinched my arm again for good measure.

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When is enough enough?

This story reminds me so much of my own; it saddens me that others have had to go through similar experiences. Has domestic violence been getting worse, or has the stigma of being abused been lessened so we feel that it is “ok” to come forward and say, “i, too, have been hit/ kicked/ controlled/ insulted/ etc.” Either way, this is a compelling, horrible story with a wonderful ending. This young woman has a lot of healing and I hope sharing her story is a step forward on that long road.

LastoftheMohikanz: This Thing of Ours: New York Hardcore Meets the 1990s

Wow. This brings me back. I think I have an idea who wrote this, but I won’t say… I think there is a permanent imprint of my butt near Bond St, CB’s, etc.
And I was at a lot of those shows.
A Stuy – Head (surprised my breasts didn’t get mentioned)

Blessed Be,
D.K. Stevens

My story: Rock solid | bpHope – bp Magazine Community

My story: Rock solid | bpHope – bp Magazine Community.


I think knowledge is the key.

My son’s father dated a bipolar girl. My introduction to her was a text saying,  “when I see your son, I’m going to hurt him”. My son was three years old. I showed it to his dad, but dad claimed he didn’t know the number it was from. That weekend, bipolar girl shoved my son into a closet door. At ten, my son still has a scar on his forehead.

It soon escalated to the girlfriend stalking me, texting repeatedly  (I had three phones at one point since I was court ordered to give my son’s dad my phone number.) I received almost 400 emails in a 24 hour period  from bipolar  girl — after she had shut off my son’s dad’s phone while he had my son.

I now think that, with help, and without my son’s dad egging on her moods, things might have been different.

But they weren’t.

I was harassed, my son beaten and scarred, and the courts and children’s services  did nothing.

Yippee for Libraries!

Here is a positive outlook on libraries.
Maybe it’s the Brooklyn Library system? I never had these problems in any of the New York Public Libraries.

Marcia Strykowski

library book 1Where else can you borrow hot-off-the-press books for a few weeks absolutely free? And lots of brand new movies on DVDs and audio books on CDs, as well (did I mention free?). Many people think they’ll only find musty old books at their public library, but if your library is anything like mine, we are constantly weeding and updating our collection. library book 2Throughout this post you’ll see pictures of books we’ve recently added to our library. I’ve chosen technology books to share, but of course there are just as many new books in other subjects, such as cooking, knitting, politics, and medicine. And tons of fiction, too. library book 10But, you say in protest, ‘I like to read eBooks’. Free downloads of hundreds of hot books are available through your local library. Is your home computer on the fritz? Go to the library and use their free computers. If you’d like to print something…

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