RAELIA, Akarnae Book 2, by Lynette Noni

Last night I posted a review of Akarnae , by Lynette Noni. Let me give you a bit of background:

* I was That Kid who preferred essays to quizzes
* I was That Kid who asked, “Only five pages?” in Elementary School
*I was That Kid who doubled up on writing classes in a school known for math and science geniuses (Stuyvesant High School)
* I was That Kid who asked, “Can’t we write a paper instead of a test?” in High School
*I was That Kid who asked, “Only 5,000 words?” in college

So for me to be nervous about putting up a post, well, check my other posts. I’ve told you about chasing a guy waaaay too young for me; my son being abused by his dad; my son’s dad crippling me in front of my son…
But last night’s post kept me up at night.
What could I say, how could I write this review of a YA (Young Adult) novel, be honest, not give any Spoilers… all knowing that the author would be reading it?
“Snap out of it!”, I told myself. “This isn’t Neil Gaiman reading. It’s a woman on (I think) her first novel.”
“But I won a free copy! I WON something! She’s going to read it!”
“Really? You, who never got less than an A on any writing piece — and that A lost it’s plus because you told the teacher she didn’t know what was really in the writer’s head?”
“But, what if I give too much away?”
“You won’t. That Spoiler Draft is a Draft until you get permission.”
And a bit later…
“You’re kidding me. WordPress didn’t save all of the editing and cutting and pasting and, oh, it’s been weeks, I have to get this out!”
“Chill. Did you see the GoodReads reviews? Yours is not the first or even the tenth. Now, write.”
“But what about the part where I admit I like YA books? I’m 40! It’s embarrassing!”
*Editor slowly banging head against wall of my skull*
“Hey, that kinda hurts.”
“So write the damn review. She’s on the other side of the world. What, she’s going to come to New York and hit you on the head with a published copy if Akarnae?”
And so I rewote the review, in the bathroom, with the lack of air conditioning, because it’s the only place I can write while my son is on vacation. (Yes, I’m in the bathroom now.)
And I posted a review that doesn’t give Akarnae the full amount of praise it deserves, but doesn’t give it all away, either. And I have the annoying keyboard on my phone to partially thank because, despite the added umwanted spaces, when I began typing the words, it remembered some of what I’d originally written.
And it posted. And I announced it on Social Media. (Having some problems with Pinterest, tho.) And, and… and she liked it. Lynette Noni liked the review. So I can leave the bathroom and go watch Horrible Histories with my kid.

Blessed Be,
D.K . Stevens


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