Games I Play When I Should Be Writing

These are some games I play on my phone when I should be writing.

Castle Clash is similar to Clash of Clans, except you never need to spend a cent. You get so many gems by simply checking in that you don’t need to buy them.
Set up your main building with walls around it. Put your gold and essence storages inside walls, too. Heros should be spaced evenly around, outside the walls. Constantly level up your essence and gold, and especially your barracls. Don’t forget to upgrade your Heros and troops. You can even get griffins at one point!



Clash of Clans is a game that can take over your life. There is even a YouTube channel dedicated to this game.
The game tells you that your Town Hall (th) should be protected at all costs. But there is a method called “farming” in which you put your th in a corner, and use your archer towers, cannons, walls, etc, to protect your gold and essence storage. Trophies are gained or lost in player vs player (pvp) battles. You can gain or lose trophies when you are attacked — since I rearranged my layout to the farming method, I tend to gain trophies as well as a 12 hour shield. (A shield means that you cannot be attacked for a certain amount of time. )

My son played Dragon City last summer, and we started playing a few months ago. You can breed and fight dragons, some of which are truly amazing. There is an alternate world where you collect (pay, in gold) for gems which Summon dragons.
There are two problems with D.C. The first is in the player vs player arena. I don’t mind a challenge, but when faced with a level 99 player, it is impossible to beat all of the group and win the gems.
The second problem is that D.C. works with Fyber. Anyone who has played a game and tried for the “free” gems — by playing a game or filling out a form — knows how frustrating it can be when said gems are not given. You’ve done your part; the company should do theirs. There are a few companies that do the “free” gem thing. TapJoy is one. While TapJoy might require a screenshot, they will keep up their end of the deal.
Not Fyber.
When you send in the request,  you get an automated form implying you did something wrong, or your Internet service did. You are asked for proof, but are only allowed one screenshot. (I’ve tried to circumvent this by replying more than once to include all of the applicable screenshots.) At last count, Fyber (and, by extension,  Dragon City) owe me and my son over 200 gems.


This chart shows thr strengthsand weaknesses of each element in battle.

Dragon Mania Legends is probably as close to an ideal game as I’ve found. I love dragons, but more to the point, I love having a say in how I fight. Not only do you level up dragons, but you can send them to the Academy to make their particular elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Plant, Metal, Energy, Void) stronger. While most dragons have only two elements, some have three. When you fight, you can pick the element you wish to use against your for, and then an arrow begins moving. You can tap your screen at any time to send the attack: tap too soon, and you get a weak attack; tap too late and you miss; tap when the arrow is in the green, and you get a perfect hit.

Megapolis is what my son and I call a “soul sucking” game. A “soul sucking game” is one in which you spend real money. You don’t have to, but if you love city building games, and you love architecture, get your wallet ready. This game has buildings from all over the world — I’ve got a Statue of Liberty, Rockafeller Center, and an Empire State Building on two islands!


My attempt at an, "N" for my son on one of my islands.

Miracle City is a cute game. I say, “cute” because everything is tiny — in fact, you need to zoom in 1, 2, or even 3 times to see your little stores, farm plots, flowers, and workers. You build up your town, design it any way you wish, and work your way up thru the levels. Each level allows you to add a new store — including a candy store, blacksmith, pancake house, and bar — or a new decoration — flowers include roses, violets, jasmine, and lilies, but there are also trees and statues. When you buy a Haunted House, a headless horseman, complete with pumpkin head and fire on the horses hooves.


Tom and Ray Riddle went on to have baby Marvolo. They are very happy.

I used to play Sims on my computer. I’d received the cheat code for unlimited Simoleans (the main currency used in Sims) and used my time designing houses.
Free Sims requires you to interact with your Sims (people). There are timed quests which, if finished in a certain amount of time, can win prizes. I’m currently on my second attempt to finish The Book of Spells Quest. If I finish on time, I can get pet dragons. My Sims can also ride broomsticks!
Tip: if you decide to play this, be sure to check out the blogs by The Girl Who Games.



Titan Empires gets most of my time. You build up your area to protect your Keep, gold, and stones. You use walls, cannons, archer towers, lighting towers, catapults, and more. You start off with one Titan to help your troops, but can eventually have three. The other Titans can add strength to the ones you use in battle.
If you decide to play this game, the empire I’m in is Truth N Triumph.

You get a wheel with one letter in the middle, and 6 letters surrounding it as spokes. Each word must be 4 or more letters long, and must contain the letter in the center. Keys are currency here: you win them when you get all of the words on their list; you use them for hints (such as a definition). This is a good game for those who, like me, read a lot and like word puzzles.

I actually play a few more game, but these are the main ones. Feel free to suggest a game in the comments section.

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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