DIY: Catnip Cat Toy

I was in a pet store, browsing the cat toys, when I noticed something that made me laugh.
“Nicholas, ” I called to my son. “What does this look like?” I pointed at one toy.
“It looks like one of your medication bottles filled with catnip!”
We came home and I made one. The cats love it. And I only paid $2 for a bag of catnip that filled four of these “toys”.

What You Need:

+ catnip
+ empty medication bottle (washed out, of course)
+ hole puncher
+ string
+ optional: scissors, a drop of glue (for the string)

What You Will Need

1. Carefully holding the pill bottle by the sides, poke holes into the bottom and the sides. You want the cat(s) to be able to smell the catnip inside, but not have the catnip spill out.
I found that the holes were easier to “poke” when the top was off.
Occasionally, the hole caused the bottle to crack. Run your finger along the crack to see if it is still usable. Remember that your cats paws and mouth will be on this toy, so it’s best to start over if you’re not 100% sure that it will be safe for your cat.

The cracks can't be felt, so they are acceptable.

Some holes on the sides. This is my second. My first cracked.

2. Tie a loop on one end of the string to go around your finger. Leave a few feet (I cut a total of 4.5 feet), then tie the opposite end of the string around the top of the bottle, where the lid will be. If you’re using glue, make sure it is non-toxic. Place a drop over the string, at the top of the bottle so the lid will cover it once you’re finished. I left about an inch of extra string, which I tucked into the bottle before replacing the top.

Tie the string. I didn't use glue.

3. Fill the bottle halfway with the catnip.

You should change the catnip every two weeks to keep it fresh.

4. Replace the bottle top and hide the remaining catnip.

The finished product.

Slip the loop of string over your finger, and dangle it for your cat(s).

Loca inspecting her new toy.

Note: I did take a few videos of my cats playing with their toy. I haven’t posted them because all that can be seen are fast moving balls of fur chasing after and attacking the toy.
Plus, my cats refused to sign releases.

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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