To My Sorely Neglected Blog

Dear Blog,
I want to apologize for ignoring you the way I have.
As you know, Blog, I have quite a few posts that I am working on. There’s the one about the games I play instead of writing posts for you (a touch or irony, no?); the Amanda Palmer post, which is my first time researching on the internet; there’s the one from my birthday back in March which talks about the wedding I officiated and Internet Haters; the music posts such as 25 Songs in 25 Days and 50 Bands I’ve Seen Live; etc.
Considering this is a Free Write Blog, you’d think I’d simply write and post. But I’ve been wanting to make this blog more… more… something. More literary, more intellectual, more interesting.
One of the main problems I’ve had is that I am unable to write about what has been happening in my life for the past year. I will be able to, hopefully,  in September. For now, I’m stuck working around the main topics that are taking up head-space.
I’ve tried to keep readers interested by reblogging posts that I find interesting. And I do have the beginnings of more than a few of the things that have happened. Unfortunately, as this past year involves court and my son, I will have to tiptoe around them a bit.
I’m off to bed, hopefully to sleep. Please don’t feel I’ve forgotten you, dear Blog.

Blessed Be,

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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