Google Play Store Comments and Reviews (Morning Writing Pages)


[Google Play Store is where people with Android phones can download apps, books, music, and videos. I’m not sure what the iPhone equivalent is because I don’t care to spend one month’s rent for a phone that will be obsolete and not working in a year.]

My son and I “test” a lot of games, and I “test” various other apps and reading material. I use the word, “test”, because we usually go thru the tutorial and then delete it. With all of the thousands (millions?) of games available, you would think we’d never come across a game we’d played before — but it does happen. Quite often, actually.
Once you’ve begun to download an app, even before it is installed on your phone (tablet or otherwise), you can leave a comment. This is why there are comments saying an app won’t open and could the developers please let the individual know when it is fixed?

The star rating goes from one star to five stars. There is space for a comment, with a bold header.
Maybe it’s because I write (and have an Editor- in- residence in my head), but I appreciate it when people leave a rating, along with an explanation of why s/he gave that rating. When I fill it out, it helps me remember why I uninstalled in the first place.
It is helpful if a review matches the number of stars given. Reading the comments from other people makes my undiagnosed OCD go nutty. How can a four star rating be matched with a diatribe against the app, the developers, and their firstborn child? Or a one star rating followed by, “Dis is da bezzzt app EVA!”? Things like a one star review that reads, “Osum” (I’m assuming that writer meant “awesome”), or a four star rating filled with complaints makes people (read: snobs like me) think you’re not very bright or not very sane. Then again, I have left reviews that said, simply, “Boring”, or, worse, “Meh”.

The Star System
When you click on a star, it tells you what that number of stars means.

1 Star = Hated It
2 Stars = Disliked It
3 Stars = It’s Okay
4 Stars = Liked It
5 Stars = Loved It

The developer of the app (application) will receive a notification when you post your comment. Most developers only respond to a one star rating, so if you want their attention, a four star review with your problems will be overlooked.
Keep in mind that these reviews are for other people to read, helping them decide whether to download or keep looking. I’m not saying you have to write an essay with source material. However, excessive use of misspelled slang is off-putting and will make people think you’re an idiot. Remember: your comments are linked to your Google account. Someone can click on your comment and see what else you’ve reviewed. They can follow that to your Google+ account, but that’s another story.

I comment for myself. I go thru games and apps faster than I go thru clean underwear. Fibromyalgia means that my short term memory is shot, so I like to see what I thought of a game. Did I remove it due to it’s size? Lack of time? Am I planning on reinstalling it when I get a tablet and, therefore, more memory?
Other people comment for a variety of reasons, but one of the things that drives me crazy are the people who try to bargain with the developers. It’s not uncommon to see, “please make X cost less and I’ll give you another star”. Some even write a few hundred words about all of the changes they would like to see, and the extra stars they’ll give.
It is a space to review the app.
It is not a place for you to write a paper on all the ways you think the game should be changed so that you will like it better. Create your own app — there is an app for that.
I’m sure the developers, if they bother to read reviews like that, simply roll their eyes and move on to the next review. The number rating at the top is the average of hundreds, even thousands, of players. The work involved in changing an app is greater than what that extra star is worth.
Besides, if the developers were to sit down and do all of the changes one person suggests, twenty more would follow with their perfect ideas and so on.
I do have one more pet peeve. The “shout out”. As in, “This game is cool and I want to give a shout out to my man X”. There is no point in giving a “shout out” to someone. Yes, I have seen this. The name is not linked, so unless you show the person that you did it, s/he will never know. I will, but fortunately I’ll forget it before I move on to the next game.


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Blessed Be.


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