Photography 101: The Daily Post

[This was supposed to post last night…]
I’ve decided to participate in the Photography 101 course offered by The Daily Post.
Today: Home. What picture signifies home?
Well, my son is my home. Wherever he is, if I’m there, I’m home.
My grandmother, too is home. But she doesn’t live with us, and I don’t post pictures of my son on the internet.
So I’ve actually come up with two pictures.
One takes the cliché of, “Home is where the heart is” and makes it my own: my son is very good with Lego’s. And he once made me:

Lego heart my son made because, he said, "You are my heart, Mommy."

Since my high school writing teacher was very anti- cliché, I’ve decided my Official Photo will be of the inside of my locked box: my medications. I’m not big on taking medications, but between fibromyalgia,three herniated discs (done by my son’s dad, in front of my son… And while taking video. Very talented guy.), and the resulting muscle spasms and nerve damage, I wouldn’t be able to function and take care of my son. As it is, I’m on half the medication I was originally put on. Here it is:

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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