Some Blogs You Should Read


I recently reblogged one post from everyone who is following my attempt at a Writer’s Group (I plan to start making an effort to actually bring together some writers who are: interested in reading another persons work and critiquing it; interested in sharing their work for a critique. Since each writer has a “problem” area — titles are mine, but dialogue, intros, and endings are some others — you can ask for help in that area. If nothing else, it’s a nice plug for your blog. It may not have a large number of followers yet, but it’s followers have the large numbers!)

That said, I plan to do the same for the people who’ve been awesome enough to follow my Free Write babble.
If you feel that there’s something I should read of yours, please email me.
And now, in no particular order, are the first five [note: any mistakes in description are my own. Please let me know and I will change them.]:


* Break Room Stories is a blog dedicated to showing the life of the waiter in the food service industry. As a former waitress and bartender, I particularly enjoyed An Official Public Service Announcement


* Story Box claims to be, “a collection of short stories”, but it is so much more. The writing is well thought out, and each word has a reason for being used. A lot of stories have multiple parts, which is why I chose A Boy A Girl and A Witch. (Plus, I think the author likes cats!)

image 5 Ways to Deal with a Story Topper

* spencethebest uses his blog for, “Life, love, and the pursuit of badassery”. Do you know a Story-Topper? Maybe you are one (ahem, dad). Once you read this, you’ll know all about them.


* talinorfali writes about a variety of subjects, but the article about Endometriosis is something I had to include.

It was impossible to get a picture with all the characters mentioned!

* Jason Alan, “writer, character” has a few self-published ebooks on Amazon. Lesson A Modern Fairy Tale gives you a taste of his sence of humour.

I hope you enjoyed these! I will be adding more as time allows. Thank you for following / supporting my blog(s).
Blessed Be.

If you’re on, check out And vice versa.
Blessed Be.


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