Allow me introduce you to Mike and (K)

I’ve been reblogging one blog from each of my Writer’s Group followers (I’ll get to my dkstevens327 followers in the coming weeks.). But this post fits better on this blog, so here it is.
It’s always nice when we acknowledge other blogs and bloggers, a like it good, but a reblog is better. And a review? Cake AND icing!

50 Shades of me

I’d like to introduce you to Mike and (K). Two wonderful and very supportive people who have just started up two blogs, yes, TWO blogs aimed at supporting people with depression and anxiety and who are currently based in Abergavenny Monmouthshire.

Mike is the founder of MEN HEAL and works with his friend (K).
(K) works tirelessly to promote the groups and even finds time to help run them too.

The first blog, MEN HEAL ( ) is aimed primarily at men although they would like to hear from women who know men who suffer with this condition.
The suicide rate for men is three times higher than that of women.
Some people have a long term condition which can’t be cured but instead can be managed. Other people will fully recover.
The second blog BREAKTHRU ( ) an organisation supporting ANYONE with depression and anxiety.

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