Writing Apps (for Android) — copied from Writer’s Group


Writing is a wonderful way to express oneself. Nowadays, there are many apps that claim to help the struggling writer. I decided to test a few out.
(Please note: these are for an android, tho I’m sure there are comparable apps for iPhones. I used the share option to get the app address; if it doesn’t work, type the name of the app into the store search engine.)


There are apps that offer tips for writers, such as:

* Creative Writing
This is a book for a writer just starting to think about having a serious go at writing.. The abundance of grammatical errors and misspelling had the Editor in my head banging his head against the wall.

* English Writing Skills
In book form; more useful for students or people new to the English language.


Apps that let you write, some while offering different formats:

* Zoho Writer
WordPress does everything this app does, plus more.

* Writer and Power Writer
This app has a lot to make a list-maker happy: numbered lists, bulleted lists, and almost everything in between.

* Choose Your Path
If you enjoy(ed) Choose Your Own Adventure, this app helps you write one and upload it to their site!

* Write
This app allows you to write with a stylus or finger. Documents can be saved to your SD card. I’ve even saved a photo with this app; unfortunately, it wound up at the top of the lined paper, overlapping the left side, with space on the right. It’s a convenient app, tho, and I no longer jot ideas down on my hands.

* Book Writer Free
This app is excellent for those who like things organised, or need help to keep their work in order. The basic layout makes it easy to switch from chapter to plotline. You can even publish a chapter (more in the paid version), but I would look into the copyright before doing so.

* My Binder: Tabbed Notes
This app is one of the first I put on a new phone. It’s just what it says in the name: four binders, with five tabs each. I use these for notes, stories, ideas. Plus, I have fun changing the colours of the book covers and tabs!


Apps that will generate a random name, idea, or prompt:

* Writing Prompts Widget
A 3×1 widget which offers prompts as a sentence, or a list. If you don’t like the choice, there is a refresh button. The prompts could be better and no so cliché, so I’d give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

* RNG (Random Name Generator)
Names (and titles) are not my forte. This Random Name Generator gives the option of male or female, as well as more than 8 ethnicities: Russian, Irish, German, etc.

* Fantasy Name Generator
Elf, darkelf, troll, Hobbit, and any other mythical / fantasy name you could want. Both male and female for most. Good for RPG games, too.

* Writing Exercises and Prompts
One of the better apps for Writer’s Prompts, this app gives space to write what the prompt has inspired.

* Writing Prompts
This app offers prompts and allows you to share the prompt. If I come across one that inspires me to write, I’ll post it.



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