“Homeless” — Games & Apps

When I was homeless, Smart Phones weren’t around. While looking for a game, I came across a game titled, “Homeless“. I was amazed at how or why anyone would want to play at being homeless, but here are a few.
[Note: game links are to Google Play Store. Game description from Play Store description.]

* Homeless: a simulation of a man on the street.

* My Pocket Hobo: now you can have your very own hobo! Just don’t let him die.

* The Homeless: experience life homeless. Will you succeeded honestly or as a thief?

* Santa is Ho-Ho-Homeless: ages 13+. St. Nick has fallen on hard times. There’s even a soundboard for his “ranting”.

For real help for homeless people, I found quite a few apps. Which made me wonder how a homeless person would or could have a Smart Phone to download these helpful apps. I know they can use computers at the library — I’ve seen that. But downloading an app?
These focus mainly on the NYC area, as that’s where I live. Type, ” homeless” into your Store search engine to find one for your area.

* Homeless Helper NYC: helping the homeless locate shelter, food banks, etc.

* Find Homeless Shelter: helps locate homeless shelters.

* Homeless Shelter For Veterans: a group that make up a large part of the homeless community, and really deserve better for their service for our country. This app offers link to Veterans Affairs, Benefits, and other help specific to those who put themselves between us and the bad guys only to return home to find very few care.

And, finally, for those homeless animals:

* Homeless Pet Clubs: helping nonprofits adopt more pets.


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