The Common Denominator – Part 3


C) The father of my child

Nice looking and funny, we got chatting at the bar at my best friend’s wedding and ended up having the most wonderful night. We talked for hours and I (very daringly) invited him back to my hotel. Long story short, we didn’t… you know. But I’d never had a night quite like it. Everything was just perfect. In a way, I was glad it was going to be a one night thing because then nothing could spoil it.

Anyhow, unexpectedly he asked for my number, then invited me on a date later that week. I agreed and the rest was history. We moved in together after 9 months and 9 months after that I found out I was pregnant. Big surprise, but big, welcome, surprise. We were in a good position. We’d talked about having kids, this was just a year or two earlier…

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