Letter to my father who called me a failure.

It would take a while to list the similarities between this writer and myself. Thank you for writing this!

Neither single nor alone. I'm a unique parent.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for telling me that you think I’m a failure. Given how much we have always clashed on principles, ethics and politics, that must mean I am doing something right – and I haven’t veered too much from the path less travelled or been tempted onto the path of least resistance.

I do have to ask myself, though, whether old age is beginning to wreak serious havoc with your brain. For a guy who is twice divorced (the first wife having divorced you because of your bullying and your controlling behaviour, the second because you were getting a bit ahead of yourself and moving on to number three before even getting round telling number two) to be judging anyone based on their relationship history suggests you need a serious and embracing reality check. Alternatively, it may simply be indicative of one more broken relationship in your own life – namely that you and reality have finally parted ways!

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