What Do You Do With Your TIME?

Note: This is about apps on an ANDROID. No iPhone stuff here. We po’ y’all. An’ like stuff to work an’ last…

One of the great things about a new phone is trying out different “apps” (is “application” really that hard on the tongue?).
I’ve always wondered, “Where does the time go?”
So I decided to find out.
I downloaded three apps which would allow me to log in just what exactly it is that I do each day. The three apps are: Activity Log, Time Cat [UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016: I can’t seem to find this app anymore. But I plan to update this review, adding a few more apps.], and Record My Life. Now, anyone who knows me is thinking, “A name like, ‘Time CAT’, with an avi(-tar) of a cats black and white face, tilted 45°? Did she even TRY the others?”
Why, yes. Yes, I did.
In fact, I really liked the avi for Record My Life: an open book, with lined pages, and, “My Life”, in multicolored script across the two pages.
I downloaded and opened each program with no problems. They all allowed the user to input their own ways to pass the time: Cigarettes; E-Cigs; Dr Appts; etc. I gave each program, um, I mean, APP, one full day. (I’d say 24 hours but, let’s be honest, if I’m up for that long at my age, I’m on autopilot (wow. “Autopilot” is one word? I thought there would be  hyphen.).
First, I tried Activity Log, as it looked the most Professional, and appealed least to my senses.


Honestly, it wasn’t bad. Just boring, and not really a good app if you wanted to see what you were doing over time..

Next, I couldn’t resist trying the cat, um, TimeCat.


TimeCat allowed you to add your own specifics. There was also a timer, which I found to be a negative. Who wants to press, “therapy” and, 45 minutes later, “end”?


Still, TimeCat had a lot of cool ways to see what you do with your time. Even bar graphs!!!
I tried Record My Life third, on 22 October, 2014.


While it had the most detail day to day (unless you want to check in for a smoke and check out when you’re done), Record My Life came in a very close second to TimeCat.
If I were to keep one, it would be TimeCat for the four (!!!) ways of viewing How I Spend My Time.


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