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Not Perfect, But All Right



2014 has not been kind.

On a cold, snowy day in January, when my husband was in Tokyo, my 10 year old son received a lifelong sentence. It began with a sick visit to the pediatrician followed by another sick visit to a gastroenterologist. As I sat across from this woman, who I disliked as soon as she entered the room, I could not imagine that my son’s world was going to permanently change. After a brief examination and a denial of all symptoms from which she was sure he was suffering, she stoically pronounced “he has Crohn’s,” which only made me hate her more than I already did. She prescribed antibiotics and advised that he would need to be examined under general anesthesia.

That night, my son slept in my bed. I spent most of the night feeling his forehead, making sure he was still asleep, plotting the death of…

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Choose Your Own Adventure Creator Dead


I always loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books. I’d use my fingers as bookmarks as I’d follow first one and then another path.
For those with Androids, there are apps that follow the same idea. There’s a vampire one, zombies, love… And for those of you who’d like to try to write one yourself, you guessed it, there’s an app for that.

What Do You Do With Your TIME?

Note: This is about apps on an ANDROID. No iPhone stuff here. We po’ y’all. An’ like stuff to work an’ last…

One of the great things about a new phone is trying out different “apps” (is “application” really that hard on the tongue?).
I’ve always wondered, “Where does the time go?”
So I decided to find out.
I downloaded three apps which would allow me to log in just what exactly it is that I do each day. The three apps are: Activity Log, Time Cat [UPDATE NOVEMBER 2016: I can’t seem to find this app anymore. But I plan to update this review, adding a few more apps.], and Record My Life. Now, anyone who knows me is thinking, “A name like, ‘Time CAT’, with an avi(-tar) of a cats black and white face, tilted 45°? Did she even TRY the others?”
Why, yes. Yes, I did.
In fact, I really liked the avi for Record My Life: an open book, with lined pages, and, “My Life”, in multicolored script across the two pages.
I downloaded and opened each program with no problems. They all allowed the user to input their own ways to pass the time: Cigarettes; E-Cigs; Dr Appts; etc. I gave each program, um, I mean, APP, one full day. (I’d say 24 hours but, let’s be honest, if I’m up for that long at my age, I’m on autopilot (wow. “Autopilot” is one word? I thought there would be  hyphen.).
First, I tried Activity Log, as it looked the most Professional, and appealed least to my senses.


Honestly, it wasn’t bad. Just boring, and not really a good app if you wanted to see what you were doing over time..

Next, I couldn’t resist trying the cat, um, TimeCat.


TimeCat allowed you to add your own specifics. There was also a timer, which I found to be a negative. Who wants to press, “therapy” and, 45 minutes later, “end”?


Still, TimeCat had a lot of cool ways to see what you do with your time. Even bar graphs!!!
I tried Record My Life third, on 22 October, 2014.


While it had the most detail day to day (unless you want to check in for a smoke and check out when you’re done), Record My Life came in a very close second to TimeCat.
If I were to keep one, it would be TimeCat for the four (!!!) ways of viewing How I Spend My Time.