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The Girl From The Well, by Rin Chupeco

If you only read only book this year… Well, you need to rethink your priorities if you only read one book a year.

Let me start over.

If you’re wondering what book you should read next, and you’ve got a few hours of uninterrupted reading time (since you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve finished every last word), Rin Chupeco has written a book that should appeal to almost every reader.
Sometimes prose, sometimes poetry, The Girl From The Well is not a typical ghost story. Interwoven themes of love, hate, family, murder, revenge, redemption (deep breath) and even Japanese history (which I haven’t fact checked yet as I finished the book, checked out, then began free writing this review), come together seamlessly in this novel. The imagery Ms. Chupeco paints is vivid throughout whether describing sounds or visuals. This is the first book in a long time which I read straight through, as opposed to my usual: chapter 1; last ten or so pages; chapters 2 thru the end.
There is a bit of a Stephen King influence (sorry, I only like Firestarter and The Shining), in that we learn about the background of a character then never see her again, while some characters who get a whole chapter are only described in one or two sentences. Overall the Editor in my head was (mostly) content to stay quiet.

If you still aren’t convinced, then consider this: on Rin’s site she claims she has hugged Neil “God” Gaiman THREE times.
Wolverine’s super healing ability would be her super power of choice.
She lists her husband under “pets”.
Oh, and she’s a bit OCD (no nines!).
How can you not want to read her writing?

[In other news, my blog gag order might be removed soon. Yay!]

Blessed Be