Kittens, Puppies, Bunnies, Oh My!

Kittens are so cute, aren’t they?
Put a bow around their neck and they make the purr-fect gift, right?
Puppies,  too.
Then there’s the cute Easter Bunny, hopping around.
Stop right there.
Kittens– like puppies, bunnies at Easter, etc– are NOT gifts. Each year thousands of unwanted kitties, pups, bunnies, etc, are abandoned, abused, killed, and put to sleep.
First, you cannot choose an animal for someone else. An ASPCA gift certificate is much better, as it gives the choice to the human to choose their companion animal.
Second, you need to take certain things into account depending on the animal. And this is not something you can do for someone else. Say you adorable little niece wants a guinea pig. So you take her to the big pet store, buy the cage, some food, bedding, and the cutest guinea pig ever! You bring it all home and wonder why your sibling is angry.
Well, even though your niece said she’d feed it and clean the cage, guess who is going to wind up doing the cleaning, feeding, and eventually playing with the guinea pig once your niece loses interest? (Guinea pigs are very social. Like a human baby, they can actually die from lack of interaction.) Then there’s the cost of bedding, proper food, etc; and did your adorable little niece even have permission to get a pet?
To reiterate: if someone you know wants a pet, make sure that person gets to choose. Otherwise, the pet might wind up in a shelter. Which isn’t fair to anyone involved.