Falling Behind

I have a bunch of blogs that I started but never finished. I was already behind my self-imposed schedule when my son got sick. And then, my friend,  my buddy, lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday 18 December, 2013. Brian Walston, fellow Stuyvesant High School graduate, veteran,  fun guy with a sweet heart and a sense of humour to rival my own, passed away with his sister and wonderful wife Lisa at his side, just as he would’ve wanted it.
My son found me crying in the bathroom aka my hiding spot.
I wanted to scream, “It’s NOT fair!”
Why, why, why would G-d take away such a great person when another classmate of ours is a convicted pedophile currently working at Toys R Us in Times Square. Where is his punishment?
The only positive that came out of this would be Brian’s wife being with child. Brian was there when they found out the baby is a boy, Brian was there to choose his son’s first crib, and Brian got to name his son. His son will have the best guardian angel there is because it will be his dad, watching over him and his mom.
And there’s another positive: Brian’s wife was an is truly the love of his life. At least he got to spend his last few years with her.
So, forgive me that my blogs won’t be on schedule for a while.
May you be blessed with a friend like Brian the way I was.


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