Don’t hide the fact that your partner is a s**thead!

Truth. Here.

Rantings of a Single Mom

This letter is to all the women out there who cover for their man, who make excuses to family and friends for him, who let him get away with bad behavior because they love him and don’t want to paint him in a bad light to others.

I was one of you for many years. I covered for my ex. I made excuses. I basically allowed his behavior to go on and made excuses for him to family and friends rather than say, “Yes, my husband is a s**thead!”  “Yes, he’s a jerk who is a lazy pain in the ass!”

The thing is when my ex would get his butt up and about he was a pretty good father and husband. The problem was he always acted like a perpetual teenager. You know the type… always wants to sleep, never wanted to get up and help around the house…

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