I was hoping to start some kind of schedule with this blog.
Miscellaneous Monday.
Crafty Wednesday.
Friday Reviews.

I’ve got some blogs that I’m working on.
I have the app for WordPress on my phone.
I’ve got it on my phone.

Monday I published Tarot Apps. Yes, technically it can count as a “review”.  (I’m hoping one day to change Friday to Fiction Friday and make Weekend Reviews.)
Anyway, my phone said the page was published.
The computer said it wasn’t. I re-posted Tarot Apps yesterday,  Wednesday, since I’d spent two dsys helping my son with a Social Studies project and wasn’t able to work on my Crafty Wednesday piece.
As for Crafty Wednesday,  I wanted to have photos as well aa video. I’m not sure if I can post video. We’ll see.
And that’s the update.
Hopefully next week will be on schedule 🙂


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