The Future Of This Blog

Now that I have a computer with internet at home, I would like to make this into more of a “real” blog. In other words, I would like to post regular blog entries.

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit flakey. I hate being flakey. But I figure that if I can set a schedule, and stick to it, then I will have accomplished something.

One of the things I would like is to post one review a week, beginning with my review on reviews and reviewers. Today is Tuesday, so we’ll go for a review each Friday. I might review: a book; an author; a new album / cd; a band; a museum; products “As Seen On TV” and whether they live up to their claims; etc.

A review on Friday, and a craft on a Wednesday (after this one). 

Something miscellaneous on Monday. It could be about my life, it could be fiction, it could be about bdsm, or any one of my many interests (animals, vegetarianism, religion, etc.).

To recap, beginning next week:



Friday: Review day!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know…


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